This article focuses on the interactions between Match and Eraser. Many fans have named his relationship Eratch. Since Eraser did not join BFDIA, their interactions did not extend. However, even in Battle for BFDI, they still have as of yet, not interacted.

Episodes suggesting a relationship/friendship

Episodes suggesting a conflict

  • In Puzzling Mysteries, Match accused Eraser of being bossy like Pin. Also in the episode, Match and Pencil were talking about the time he fell on nails in BFDI 1b. Eraser gets annoyed at them.
  • In Crybaby!, Match tried to get Eraser to cry, but he refused to.
  • In Don't Lose Your Marbles, Match called Eraser IMP and Eraser didn't look happy about it.
  • In Return of the Hang Glider, Eraser slapped Match because she voted for Bubble to win, setting up her ablaze.

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