I guess people judged you by your cover.
— Lollipop talking to Book, Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know

Lollipop is a recommended character who could have joined BFDIA, but did not, with only 95 votes. Lollipop is voiced by Cary Huang.

Lollipop's only speaking role so far was in Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know, telling Book "I guess people judged you by your cover," in response to Book asking why she didn't make it into the game. Lollipop was later flung to the LOL like the rest of the eliminated characters.

Lollipop's IDFB redesign features a more shiny look, and has no leftover wrapper at the bottom.

In Welcome Back, Lollipop, along with the characters held in the TLC are given a chance to debut in IDFB through viewers' vote.


  • Lollipop is the only character voiced by Cary Huang who didn't join BFDIA.


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