Locker of Losers

First appearance

Reveal Novum

Last appearance

Welcome Back


Navy (box/lid), White (text)


Yoyle City (currently)

Nothing's funny.

The Locker of Losers (or LOL for short) is the area where the recommended characters who didn't make it into the game are locked up in.

Its only appearance in Season 1 is in Episode 18. It later gets crushed by the sunset at the end of the episode. The only 3 recommended characters who did not go in the LOL are David (who joined the game), Bomby (who was launched into the sky and blew up), and Nonexisty, who Ruby said "The launcher" missed. Nickel escaped with the help of Nonexisty (as seen in II).

It looks similar to the Tiny Loser Chamber, but it was blue colored, along with an lock key on it.

Contestants in the Locker of Losers

See the full list here.


  • Besides "Locker of Losers", LOL also means "Laugh out Loud", which is what Leafy originally thought.
  • All recommended characters eligible to join the game besides David and Bomby died in Reveal Novum, when the Locker of Losers was crushed by the sun.
  • In Getting Teardrop to Talk, everyone in the LOL during BFDIA and IDFB have been freed without explanation.
  • It is possible Evil Leafy escaped via teleport.
  • In Welcome Back, it is revealed that the Locker of Losers, along with the TLC has 5-inch-thick wall.
  • It also appears in BFDIA, where the TLC is located inside, also given a lock to give the TLC extra protection.
  • It was mentioned in Inanimate Insanity by Nickel, who is a contestant there.
  • In No More Snow!, some of the contestants in the LOL could be seen in the background. This indicates that they may have escaped from it.
  • The LOL has a lock, though it appears to be useless, as there is nothing to prevent the lock from being slid off.
  • The LOL or TLC doesn’t appear in BFB, because Four sends the to Eternal Algebra Class by sucking them up (or consuming them, in Bracelety's case) in BFB.
  • In BFDIA 6, It is unknown how Puffball got into the LOL, as she can't be flung due to her being able to fly (although it's possible she got hit by the launcher and knocked out cold).