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"But List of edible items and characters/Made in challenges, I'm looking at you now and I'm not getting the twinkle!" -Stapy

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Foods from BFDI that were created for challenges.

Cakes from Sweet Tooth

Note: Teardrop's and Snowball's cakes were not seen

Tacos from Vomitaco

  • Leafy's giant lettuce, beef, and tomato taco*
    • half sold to Pen*
  • Spongy's lettuce, fish, and tomato taco*
  • Tennis Ball's lettuce and tomato taco*
  • Firey's slightly burnt lettuce and tomato taco*

Cakes and tacos from Hurtful!

Stews from Get Digging

* item was actually eaten
item was definitely consumed by a speaker box