The list below provides the sequential order of the episodes of Battle for Dream Island.

Series overview

Seasons Episodes First uploaded Last uploaded
BFDI 25 January 1st, 2010 January 1st, 2012
BFDIA 9 June 29th, 2012 August 1st, 2013
IDFB 1 September 1st, 2016 September 1st, 2016
BFB 3 November 3rd, 2017 TBA
Shorts 3 July 23rd, 2016 TBA

Season 1 (Battle for Dream Island)

Image Title Ep Eliminated Votes Date
Hqdefault-1 "Take the Plunge" 1a None Jan 1st, 2010
Twenty animated objects are told by a talking speaker, that they can win Dream Island.
Hqdefault-2 "Take the Plunge" 1b None Jan 1st, 2010
The two winners from the last episode chooses two teams for the competition.
Hqdefault-03 "Barriers and Pitfalls" 2 Flower (4 votes) 7 Feb 1st, 2010
This time it's an obstacle course! Eraser, Pen, Pencil, and Spongy go rescue Blocky. Firey and Coiny fiercely battle. It's a race against time!
Hqdefault-04 "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?" 3 Spongy (4 votes) 12 Mar 1st, 2010
The teams are challenged one more time with a new task: a test. Don't cheat! Or doodle!
Hqdefault-05 "Sweet Tooth" 4 Blocky (6 votes) 12 Apr 1st, 2010
Pin thinks ice cakes are terrible. But can she, along with the rest of the contestants, possibly do any better!? Find out in this thrilling episode of BFDI!
Hqdefault-06 "Bridge Crossing" 5 Woody (9 votes) 14 May 1st, 2010
With one more contestant gone, the anticipation builds as the two teams are faced with the hardest challenge yet: crossing a bridge! Falls and screams! Oh, no! Yikes! Wah, boo hoo! It's too hard!
Hqdefault-07 "Power of Three" 6 Pin (5 votes) 13 Jun 1st, 2010
You know those multivitamin commercials where they say that everything's getting smaller? Well, so are the teams... temporarily. Not everyone gets their desired team!
Hqdefault-08 "Puzzling Mysteries" 7 Needle (12 votes) 18 Jul 1st, 2010
Trapped in a room with nothing else to do, the contestants are forced to solve a jigsaw puzzle! Oh, and one contestant switches teams.
Hqdefault-09 "Cycle of Life" 8 None Aug 1st, 2010
It's a race! Of the special relay kind! But instead of carrying a bar or a bag or type of food, the contestants will be forced to carry each other!
Hqdefault-10 "Insectophobe's Nightmare" 9 None

(Blocky rejoins with 8 votes)

28 Sep 1st, 2010
No, it's not about insects. It's about a six-legged race! Get it? Six legs? Insect?

Plus, it's a new stage in the whole battle for Dream Island!

Hqdefault-11 "Crybaby!" 10 Teardrop (5 votes) 29 Oct 1st, 2010
Boo hoo, it's a crying contest! And two other contests! Find out who gets eliminated and who stays!
Hqdefault-11-0 "Lofty" 11 Golf Ball (12 votes) 37 Nov 1st, 2010
Ooh, an aerial contest. Involving balloons and darts! And yet another gripping elimination ceremony!
BFDIHQ12 "A Leg Up in the Race" 12 Coiny (30 votes) 61 Dec 1st, 2010
With an a heart-wrenching elimination ceremony, adrenaline-pumping ladder-climbing contest, and a heart-stopping twist in the entire fate of the series, this episode will probably make you die of excitement.
BFDIHQ13 "Don't Lose Your Marbles" 13 Snowball (47 votes) 80 Jan 1st, 2011
You're probably crying with joy. You'd better be, because this episode is filled with all of the causes to do so! Cry with joy, cry with sorrow, cry with laughter, or cry with mania! Do it all, be the jack of all trades, because this episode is bringing it on!
BFDIHQ14 "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None" 14 Match (66 votes)
(Spongy rejoins)
158 Feb 1st, 2011
With all of its fourteenness, is finally here! Yet another contestant will go home this time. The competition gets more fierce as the remaining ten contestants realize they've reached the celebrated, yet also dreaded, half-way mark. What will happen?
BFDIHQ15 "Vomitaco" 15 Eraser (99 votes) 220 Mar 1st, 2011
Ew. That doesn't sound very appetizing. But who needs palatability when you have Dream Island, the ultimate motivator? See who feels the same way in this heart-pumping and fist-pumping episode of Dream Island!
BFDIHQ16 "Bowling, Now with Explosions!" 16 Pen (144 votes) 259 Apr 1st, 2011
The bowling balls themselves don't explode (aw, what a let-down), but something else does. And so will the tension, exhilaration, and excitement with this epic episode of BFDI!
BFDIHQ17 "The Reveal" 17 Blocky (112 votes) 288 May 1st, 2011
So, how disappointed were you when you didn't see your character? Or how amazed were you when you did see your character? Don't you just love BFDI? Why, it's the best show in the world! Oh, and the contestants throw frisbees in this episode.
BFDIHQ18 "Reveal Novum" 18 Tennis Ball (2 votes from the contestants)
(David debuts with 102 votes)
450 Jun 1st, 2011
OMG, a recommended character comes into the game, and it's not one you wanted! Ha, ha, ha! Staring's involved, too!
Hqdefault (19) "Rescission" 19 Pencil (259 votes) 464 Jul 1st, 2011
Yay, we thought that bringing in the new guy would be well received! Apparently not, so now we give you the voice to undo your decision! Have fun fun fun fun!
BFDIHQ20 "Gardening Hero" 20 David (331 votes) 545 Aug 1st, 2011
Space. Space? SPACE! Now with all your recommended characters!
BFDIHQ21 "The Glistening" 21 Ice Cube (10 votes from the contestants)
(Flower rejoins with 205 votes)
856 Sep 1st, 2011
You'd better get used to these random episode titles! Characters joining, others leaving.
BFDIHQ22 "Don't Pierce My Flesh" 22 Rocky (319 votes) 844 Oct 1st, 2011
BFDIHQ23 "Hurtful!" 23 Spongy (432 votes) 816 Nov 1st, 2011
In all of its glory!
BFDIHQ24 "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" 24 Flower (524 votes) 735 Dec 1st, 2011
BFDI gets temporarily canceled, the remaining competitors get attacked by bugs, and as stated in the previous episode, there was no challenge.
BFDIHQ25 "Return of the Hang Glider" 25 Bubble (228 votes), Leafy (236 votes) 870 Jan 1st, 2012
Epically begin to watch from the epic beginning to the epic end of this epic end of an epic beginning of the epic end!

Season 2 (Battle for Dream Island Again)

Image Title Ep Eliminated / Got the prize Votes Date
BFDIHQ26 "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know" 1 None Jun 29th, 2012
BFDIHQ27 "Get Digging" 2 Donut / Coiny 1,986
(1,008 πŸ‘, 978 πŸ‘Ž)
Aug 1st, 2012
The next challenge for the teams is to make a yoylestew. Teardrop is forced into W.O.A.H. Bunch to increase their members. While both teams managed to finish the challenge, one team is awarded for their simplicity, putting the other team, Team No-Name, up for elimination.
BFDIHQ28 "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3" 3 Dora / Puffball 6,248
(3,744 πŸ‘, 2,504 πŸ‘Ž)
Aug 15th, 2012
One contestant on Team No-Name is eliminated, and the remaining contestants must destroy the bugs that falling from somewhere in the box simuliar to the ones in Insectophobe's Nightmare 2, except they're now fire-proof! One team wins, thanks to a contestant with their quick thinking, meaning the other team is up for the elimination.
BFDIHQ29 "Zeeky Boogy Doog" 4 Teardrop
(Got both the prize and elimination)
(1,621 πŸ‘, 1,351 πŸ‘Ž)
Nov 1st, 2012
Teardrop gets the prize, but she gets eliminated too. After Coiny and Pin persuade Bomby and Yellow Face to join W.O.A.H. Bunch, the remaining contestants are ready to do the contest: making Dream Island.
BFDIHQ30 "Get in the Van" 5a Match / Puffball 7,104
(4,240 πŸ‘, 2,864 πŸ‘Ž)
Jan 2nd, 2013
5b "BFDIA 5b" 5b None Feb 11st, 2013
It's just a game.
BFDIHQ31 "No More Snow!" 5c None April 14th, 2013
FreeSmart must escape Evil Leafy to survive, and the rest of the contestants continue traveling to Yoyleland.
BFDIHQ32 "It's a Monster" 5d None Jul 7th, 2013
After creating a new HPRC, the teams continue the challenge.
BFDIHQ33 "The Long-lost Yoyle City" 5e Bubble

[note 1]

Aug 1st, 2013

Season 3 (IDFB)

On September 1st, 2016, BFDI was renewed for a third season after a record-long hiatus.

Image Title Ep Eliminated / Got the prize Votes Date
Idfb1 "Welcome Back" 1 Puffball (off-screen) / Firey 8,875
(4,916 πŸ‘, 3,959 πŸ‘Ž)
Sep 1st, 2016
Looking into the new life of the objects living in Yoyle City.

Season 4 (Battle for BFDI)

Image Title Ep Eliminated / Got the prize Votes Date
BFB1 "Getting Teardrop to Talk" 1 None Nov 3rd, 2017
Battle for Dream Island.

Battle for Dream Island Again.
And now, Battle for BFDI.
Now that's an animated show that'd be a fun cartoon for kids and humans of all ages. Object shows, whether they're educational or funny, be them half-hour long nursery rhymes or toy reviews, are always good.

Bfb2 "Lick Your Way to Freedom" 2 Pencil 9,973 Nov 17th, 2017
Battle for Dream Island.

Battle for Dream Island Again.
And now, Battle for BFDI.
Now that's an animated show that'd be a fun cartoon for kids and humans of all ages. Object shows, whether they're educational or funny, be them half-hour long nursery rhymes or toy reviews, are always good.

Bfb3 "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset" 3 Leafy 19,843 Dec 8th, 2017
Battle for Dream Island.

Battle for Dream Island Again.
And now, Battle for BFDI.
What are videos? That's a good question, and an educational one at that. You can nurse your skills to develop numbers of answers.


Image Title Ep Date
Mqdefault-0 "BFDI Is Back" 1 Jul 23rd, 2016
Firey helps Coiny to get a book that says the release date of BFDIA 6.
Sb pen and blocky "Paper Towel" 2 Oct 2nd, 2016
Blocky was seen drawing, then suddenly the glass of water next to him spilled. He looks over to some paper towel, but Eraser's rules only allow it to be used as toilet paper, and forbid taking them for other uses.
BFDI Ballers "Ballers" 3 June 21st, 2017
The contestants with arms (except for Flower) are standing in a clearing together. A scarlet red ball is thrown into Eraser and then it is passed from to one another. Three more balls, blue, green, and purple, are thrown in and the contestants also play with them.


  1. ↑ Bubble was not an original BFDIA contestant, but she joined in Get Digging when Pencil and Match used a Bubble Blower to bring her back to life. In The Long-lost Yoyle City, the Firey Speaker Box realised that Bubble joined and sent her to the TLC.

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