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This is a list of Battle for Dream Island, Battle for Dream Island Again, and IDFB characters, in alphabetical order.

Season 1

BlockyBubbleCoinyEraserFireyFlowerGolf BallIce CubeLeafyMatchNeedlePenPencilPinRockySnowballSpongyTeardropTennis BallWoodyCast
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Season 2


* = newcomer


Season 3

Characters currently outside the TLC

* = newcomer
** = returning from Season 1

Characters currently in the TLC

Tlc copy
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* = Season 1 contestants that failed to join Season 2 or 3
** = eliminated in Season 2

All seasons

Recommended characters

By purplekecleon

The 30 recommended characters from episodes 17/18.

Main article: Recommended Characters

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