This is a list of BFDI YTPMVs made by jacknjellify.

Intensive BFDI Unit

This MV was created as a 1,000 subscriber special. Based off the song "Intensive Care Unit" by Renard.

Rock My BFDI

Sequel to Intensive BFDI Unit. Based off of "Rock My Emotions" by Kitsune².


Celebration video for jacknjellify reaching 2,500 subscribers. Based off of "something-chapp" by Jockson.

3000 Subbies

Celebration video for jacknjellify reach 3,000 subscribers. This song is original content and is not based off of anything.

Eliminating BFDI

A tribute video for xXandytraicyXx for his channel being took down.

Dear Viewers

A celebration video for jacknjellify reaching 10,000,000 views. Based off of "Dear Vienna" by Owl City.

6000 Subscribers

Celebration video for jacknjellify reaching 6,000 subscribers. Based of off "Famous" by Archie.


Celebration video for jacknjellify reaching 20,000 subscribers. Features a special animation inside of the YTPMV. Based off of "Last Step" by Dubmood.