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"Golf Ball sounds like a boy, even though she's a girl, and that's just... WRONG!" - Pen

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Lightning is a recommended character that could have joined Battle for Dream Island Again, but with only 93 votes, placed 47th place, and was flung to the LOL.

Lightning later appeared in No More Snow!, along with Cloudy, striking a tree and making it fall over and crushing Pin, killing her.

Lightning's IDFB redesign features a more simplistic design, and is shorter.


Lightning appears to be a lightning bolt, a form of plasma. The outline is dark yellow, and the inside is yellow.


BFDI 17 (recommended character)

  • Lightning is named Bolty.
  • Bolty has arms and legs.
  • Bolty has no shading.
  • Bolty has a more jagged shape.
  • Bolty has 3 segments.

BFDI 17 (Cloudy's audition)

  • Bolty has no limbs.


  • Bolty is renamed to Lightning.


  • Lightning has a shine toward their top.
  • Lightning has shading toward their bottom.
  • Lightning has a more smooth shape.
  • Lightning has 1 segment.
  • Lightning is much more stout.


BFDI Contestants


BFDIA Contestants

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