So, to clarify...
— Lightning, on several occasions

Lightning is a contestant on Battle for BFDI. He was a recommended character that could have joined Battle for Dream Island Again, but with only 93 votes, placed 46th, he did not have enough votes to join and was flung to the Locker of Losers.

Lightning later appeared in No More Snow!, along with Cloudy, struck a tree and making it fall over and crush Pin, killing her.

Lightning had a chance to join IDFB, but he failed to join with 65 votes.[1]. He is now a contestant on Battle for BFDI and is a member of team Iance.


Lightning appears to be a lightning bolt, which is a form of plasma. The outline is olive, and the inside is bright yellow.


BFDI 17 (recommended character)

  • Lightning is called Bolty.
  • Bolty has arms and legs.
  • Bolty has no shading.
  • Bolty has a more jagged shape.
  • Bolty has 3 segments.

BFDI 17 (Cloudy's audition)

  • Bolty has no limbs.
  • Bolty is a part of Cloudy.


  • Bolty is renamed to Lightning.


  • Lightning has a shine toward his top.
  • Lightning has shading toward his bottom.
  • Lightning has a more smooth shape.
  • Lightning has 1 segment.
  • Lightning is much more stout.
  • Lightning is no longer attached to Cloudy.


  • Lightning regains his arms.


Lightning is a feisty killer who enjoys zapping people, but only people in particular, such as Flower.

He affiliates with rude and other killers such as Snowball. His voice is similar to Liy and Ruby's. He seems to take orders from others until Pencil told him to zap Flower and Bubble told him to do what he thought was right. He also appears to enjoy/require clarification of the challenges, although he hasn't asked for this since "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset".



In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Lightning asks Stapy and Marker if they want to be friends, to which Marker declines. Lightning mistakenly calls Stapy "Staply".


In multiple BFB episodes, Snowball and Lightning have a fairly friendly connection, the reason is that of Snowball asking Lightning how many people he killed. He also is cheered on by Snowball when he wants to help his team soar above, in "Fortunate Ben", where he also gets obliterated by Four for cheating.


In "Today's Very Special Episode", Bell asks lightning to zap her string so all the climbers get off. Lightning asks if she is sure, to which Bell says yes. Lightning proceeds to zap her, knocking the climbers off of the string.
Bell Being Electrocuted

Bell getting zapped by Lightning, due to her request.


Flower hates Lightning, the reason why is because Lightning keeps zapping her. In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Flower says that she's had enough of him clarifying challenges, then Lightning zaps her.


Season 2
Episode Votes
1 93 (to join)
Season 4
Episode Votes
2 532
12 804

Total elimination votes: 1336


Character Number of time killed Episodes
Pin 1 No More Snow! (Along with Cloudy)
Dozens of others Dozens ??? (Revealed in Getting Teardrop to Talk)


  1. Fortunate Ben: Obliterated by Four.


When Lightning zaps somebody, the electric shock knocks them out.

Character Number of times electrocuted Episodes
Spongy 2 Getting Teardrop to Talk, Today's Very Special Episode
Fanny 1 Getting Teardrop to Talk
Flower 3 Getting Teardrop to Talk (twice), Why Would You Do This on a Swingset
Bell 1 Today's Very Special Episode
Robot Flower 1 Today's Very Special Episode
Liy 1 Today's Very Special Episode
Firey Jr. 1 Today's Very Special Episode
Gelatin 1 Today's Very Special Episode
Ruby 1 Today's Very Special Episode
Barf Bag 1 Today's Very Special Episode
Bomby 1 Today's Very Special Episode
Snowball 1 Today's Very Special Episode
Eraser 1 Today's Very Special Episode
Loser 1 The Liar Ball You Don't Want
Pie 1 (indirect) The Liar Ball You Don't Want


  • Lightning says that he has killed dozens of people in Getting Teardrop to Talk.
    • He also thinks it's sad.
    • However, in BFB, he hasn't killed anyone yet, just zapped people.
  • Lightning is the only legless member of iance.
  • Being a lightning bolt, lightning would likely be able to administer 1 billion volts of electricity.
  • This would explain how he was able to zap Eraser.
  • Running gag: After Four states what the contest is, Lightning asks Snowball, "So to clarify, (whatever the challenge is)".
  • Lightning and Stapy are the only contestants with arms but no legs.
    • However, Lightning can fly, while Stapy can't.
  • Lightning's arms may be retractable as they disappear in some scenes. However, this is most likely a goof.
  • In Today's Very Special Episode, it is revealed that if Lightning electrocutes Bell, he can electrocute anybody touching her string as well.
    • It is interesting to note that he electrocutes Liy this way as well, and they are the only two contestants who are voiced by Sabrina Barba.
  • Lightning’s voting pose in Getting Teardrop to Talk was the same pose in The Reveal.
  • Lightning may be related to the recommended character Lightning Bolt.
  • Lightning had zapped 16 times so far (currently).
  • Lightning, Taco, and Flower are currently the only contestants to appear in two Season 4 thumbnails.
  • Lightning was the only iance member to not be startled by the pedestals shooting up from the ground at Cake at Stake.
    • However, this is most likely due to Lightning not even touching the ground.
  • He is the first male contestant to be safe in BFB.
  • Lightning is the only BFDIA/IDFB TLC contestant to get a limb change after IDFB
  • Lightning is probably one of the strangest lightning bolts ever, as regular ones exist for a fraction of a second and disappear. This is obviously not the case with lightning as he appears to be very stable and releases his energy only at will.
  • Despite being able to fly, in Getting Teardrop to Talk, Lightning could not reach the basket.
  • Lightning is often mistaken as a female by fans, likely because of his voice.
    • Cary Huang himself even mistook him as a female in his "Cary Reacts to BFB 9" live stream on Humany at 2:48, however, he corrected himself.
  • According to Fanny in What Do You Think of Roleplay?, Lightning (Disguised by Spongy)always forgets that he can fly.


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