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— Lego Brick, BFDIA 5b (Level 33)

Lego Brick was a recommended character by "Bkshawgogo", who placed 1st as a recommended character in the second episode of BFDIA. He is known for his very happy smile. Due to his shape and color, Book initially thought Lego Brick was a armless mutant, deformed Blocky.

In BFDIA 5b, after he got killed by Book trying to pass a level (level 32), as a revenge, he trapped Book and Match behind a wall he said he rented for a week (level 33), then trapped them in his dungeon/factory. Ice Cube was also found in the dungeon/factory for an unknown reason (level 42). However, Match, Ice Cube and Book had escaped the dungeon/factory. Later, they saw Waffle and he told that Lego Brick was a nice guy, but he had a fear of dying.


Lego Brick seemed a nice guy before Book killed him. After his death, he was extremely annoyed and very angry at Match and Book for killing him (in BFDIA 5b).


  • In his dungeon, there's a warning sign which reads: "Beware of warning signs".
  • Lego Brick is the second person that is shown to own an underground factory, the first being Golf Ball.
  • Lego Brick's pose was also reused for Rocky's elimination pose in Zeeky Boogy Doog.
  • As said above, Lego Brick was revealed to have a fear of dying, which later answered his anger towards Book and Match after the latter killed him.



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