— Lego Brick, BFDIA 5b (Level 33)

Lego Brick is a recommended character by "Bkshawgogo", who placed 1st as a recommended character in the second episode of BFDIA. He is known for his very happy smile. Due to his shape and color, Book initially thought Lego Brick was an armless mutant, deformed Blocky.

In BFDIA 5b, he gets killed by Book who was trying to pass level 32. As revenge, he traps Book and Match behind a wall he claims to have rented for a week (level 33). Then, he traps them in his dungeon/factory. Ice Cube is also found in the dungeon/factory for an unknown reason (level 42). However, Match, Ice Cube, and Book escape the dungeon/factory. Later, they saw Waffle and he informs them Lego Brick was a nice guy but has a fear of dying.


Lego Brick seemed nice before Book killed him. After his death, he was extremely annoyed and angry at Match and Book for killing him (in BFDIA 5b). Apparently, according to Waffle, he is generally passive, but he has a fear of dying, so he will be defensive in the cases he may die.


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Now you know not to mess with me!
— , Lego Brick, BFDIA 5b


In BFDIA 5b, when Book encounters Lego Brick, she calls his appearance horrific. Then, Lego Brick offers to be friends. In the next room, Book needs him for something, which involves killing him and trapping him in a box, one of which is a huge fear of his. As revenge, Lego Brick drops Book and Match into his underground factory. Later, Waffle explains Lego Brick's fear of dying to Book.

Current Status: Enemies


  • Lego Brick is the second person that is shown to own an underground factory, the first being Golf Ball.
  • Lego Brick's pose was also reused for Rocky's elimination pose in Zeeky Boogy Doog.
  • As said above, Lego Brick was revealed to have a fear of dying (thanatophobia), which later answered his anger towards Book and Match after the latter killed him.
    • This makes him the third known character to have a phobia after Firey, who has aqua/hydrophobia and acrophobia, and Woody, who has many other fears, such as pyrophobia (the fear of fire),testophobia (the fear of taking tests) and glaucophobia (fear of the colour gray.
  • Lego Brick is playable within 5b's files and coding. In it, he behaves similar to Ice Cube, but can jump high.