The trio hanging out.

For a majority of the first season, Leafy, Pin and Teardrop are seen to be close friends. Pin's early elimination in Season 1 did not restrict the friendship of Leafy and Teardrop. However, their mutual friendship seems to have crumbled since the events in Return of the Hang Glider. However, Pin and Teardrop remain close friends. Also, Pin leads an angry mob chasing after Leafy until her uses her Yoylemap to teleport to Yoyleland. Pin rips up the map effectively trapping her. When Pin asks Coiny to add Teardrop to their team in Get Digging, she sadly explains that they are only best friends because Teardrop has never said she hates her. Coiny gives Pin a look because Teardrop can't say anything in the first place, causing her to frown.

Episodes suggesting a friendship

  • Take the Plunge: Part 1: Leafy and Pin were the first alliance created.
  • Power of Three: Leafy and Teardrop get put on the same team of three with Tennis Ball. Leafy also helps and encourages TD in the challenges during the episode.
  • Get Digging: Pin asked Coiny to add Teardrop into their team, because she is Pin's "best friend", since she was apparently the only person who hadn't said she hated Pin.
  • The Glistening: Leafy says that she hopes for Teardrop to rejoin.
  • Zeeky Boogy Doog: During prize-choosing, Pin told Teardrop she didn't need immunity because "everyone loves her", suggesting that they still could be on good terms.

Episodes suggesting a conflict


  • This is the first ever alliance to be created.

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