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Episode Gallery Transcript


Let's hear that new Cake at Stake song!




Well, that was a bit of an improvement. It's about...... 20 times better than your last attempt.
W.O.A.H. Bunch laughs at Team No-Name


Where are these guys coming from? This is getting out of control.
TV shows the overall stats. Puffball gets the most likes at 387



Golf Ball

But I was supposed to get the most likes, I managed the team!


<In front of the wheel> Um, could you spin it for me, Book?


Sure! <spins the wheel, which land on "Personal Speaker Box">

Puffball: <Gasps>


<Whilst touching the speaker box> Hey, it's so fuzzy!

Puffball Speaker Box

Stop that!

Pencil: It even sounds like you, Puffy.

Puffball: Don't call me Puffy, but I'm not gonna slap you, cause I'm nice.

Pencil: No, you're not gonna slap me because you don't have arms.

Puffball: Whatever.

Puffball Speaker Box: Tennis Ball is safe with only 55 dislikes.

Tennis Ball

<Catches his cake> Yay......oww.

Puffball Speaker Box: So is my owner with 59.

Puffball: <Eats her cake> Yay!

Puffball Speaker Box: Also safe is: Bomby, Needle, Ice Cube, Rocky, Book, Gelatin and Firey. Now half of you are safe, and half of you are not.


Well, I just know I'm going to lose.

Puffball Speaker Box: Nickel is wrong. <Gives Nickel his cake> And Spongy is also safe, despite possibly being dead. <Lights flash on Pencil, Match and Ruby>

Pencil: Oh no Alliance! None of us are safe yet!

Puffball Speaker Box: Pencil is overreacting. Her entire alliance is safe, and so are Golf Ball and Yellow Face.

Yellow Face


<Lights flash on Dora and Fries>

Puffball Speaker Box: Dora, why don't you go explore the TLC?

<Fries gets his cake>

<Dora lands in the TLC and the TLC's lid closes and then the LOL's lid closes and then the lock comes out of the LOL>

<Intro plays>


Hey um, Needle, if you don't switch, I'll call you Needy. <Needle gasps> ...Three times. <Needle gasps again> ...In a row. <Needle gasps once more, sweating>

Fries: Oh come on, that can't be serious.

<Needle's gasping becomes creepy while Coiny is daring her and then Needle switches teams>

<Fries facepalms himself>


<Eats one of Fries' French Fries> Fries, your fries are disgusting. They're over like a year old.

Fries: They are over a year old.

Puffball Speaker Box: Spin the wheel to choose the next contest.

<Gelatin spins the wheel and it lands on "Destroy Bugs">

Puffball Speaker Box: Everyone must enter their team glass boxes.

<They all enter their team glass boxes except for Pencil, Match and Ruby>

Golf Ball: Ruby, Pencil, Match! Why aren't you coming?

Match: We um like excuse ourselves from this contest.

Golf Ball: You can't do that! Every team member must— <Match blocks her mouth>

Match: Sh, sh, its ok.

Puffball Speaker Box: First team to kill all the bugs in their glass box wins. Go!

<Bugs land in W.O.A.H Bunch's glass box and the W.O.A.H Bunchers start screaming in terror and then they land in Team No-Name's glass box and the Team No-Namers scream in terror>

Firey: Don't worry guys, I can burn the bugs. <Tries to burn the bugs> huh? Hey, what's going on?

Puffball Speaker Box: The Bugs are fire-proof.

<Yellow Face gets poisoned>

Golf Ball: Yellow Face! Stop getting poisoned! You've got WORK TO DO!

Ruby: Hey Alliance, I have a confession to make.

Pencil: I knew it! Didn't you know it Match?

Match: OMG, I totally, like, knew it.

Pencil: Anyway, go on.

Ruby: I may have been acting weird a while ago, because I thought if Bubble came back I'd be expelled from the Alliance!

Match: No you wouldn't! Ruby! We can have an Alliance of all four of us!

Ruby: Oh really? Ok!

Pencil: Well, <Gets out Bubble Blower> time to bring Bubble back to life! <Pencil blows Bubble back to life>

Pencil and Ruby: Yay!

Match: What? No technique?

Pencil: No. I'm self taught.

Match: So Bubble, good to be back?

Bubble: Yeah but what's that? She's not in our Alliance! <Bubble kicks Ruby to Team No-Name's glass box> That's better!

Ruby: See? I knew it!

Match: Bubble, Ruby's in our Alliance now.

Bubble: But we can't have four Alliance members!

Match: Why, like, Why not? <Bubble gets out the book of BFDI Tips and Tricks>

Bubble: According to The Book of BFDI Tips and Tricks, an Alliance of more than or equal to four will most surely divide into opposite sides.

Pencil: What's that supposed to mean?

Bubble: It means that if our Alliance is too big we'll split up and become enemies!

Pencil: Look Bubble, This Book is over a billion years old and its written by Golf Ball who is a dozer brain bossy bot. What does she know? She's eliminated eighth!

Bubble: Hmmmmm, maybe your right! Come back here Ruby! <Bubble slaps Ruby>

Ruby: What? I don't understand.

Bubble: It was an apology slap!

Ruby: So I'm still in the Alliance?

Bubble: Of course!

Ruby: Yay!

<Ice Cube shows up covered in bugs>

Ice Cube: Hey guys! Can I be part of your Alliance?

<Book comes out covered in bugs>

Book: Oh, me too!

Pencil: Oh, Um you guys can be... alternates?

Book: FINE!

Pin: I'd say we killed about half of them.

Needle: Yeah!

<Teardrop gets poisoned>

Pin: Oh no! Teardrop's been poisoned!

<Screen zooms out to a poisoned Teardrop while creepy sound plays>

<Fries gets poisoned>

Poisoned Fries: Oh no! <Poisoned Fries passes out and Rocky comes in and eats a poisoned French fry and gets poisoned.>

Golf Ball: Rocky! If you read my Book of BFDI Tips and Tricks you'd know never to eat the poisoned remains of a dead contestant!

<Golf Ball gets poisoned>

Poisoned Golf Ball: Uh. <passes out>

Tennis Ball: Wow Golf Ball! You look like a mini-me!

Nickel: Wait! Can you use Bomby to kill the bugs?

Gelatin: Yeah. I think so. Firey! Go ignite Bomby!

Firey: Ok. <Firey ignites Bomby>

Bomby: Oh no Firey you lit my fuse!

Pin: Oh no! Coiny's dead too! Its down to you and me! Needy! <Needle slaps Pin>

Needle: Don't call me-

<Glass boxes explode>

Puffball Speaker Box: Team No-Name wins! <Poisoned Coiny gets passed to Puffball Speaker Box> What's this? A Win Token?

Match: Bubble, watch out for those shards of glass!

Bubble: Huh? <gets popped by the shards of glass>

Match: Hey TB! Bubble is dead and so is like Yellow Face, Coiny, Bomby, Golf Ball, Fries, Rocky and Teardrop. Your a good guy! Get building a Recovery Center! Now!

Tennis Ball: But I can't just build one y'know!

Puffball Speaker Box: Rate these videos to vote on members of W.O.A.H Bunch!

<Top 25 Recommended characters are shown>

<Spongy throws up Evil Leafy and Spongy laughs and Evil Leafy is about to go back to Evil Forest but is stopped by Gelatin>

Gelatin: Woah, there buddy! Lets calm you down!

<Gelatin freezes Evil Leafy>

Gelatin: Now that you're frozen I can write a message on your back.

<Gelatin writes "First!" on the back of frozen Evil Leafy>

Gelatin: It's beautiful.

<Episode ends>

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