Episode Gallery Transcript


Bubble, I demand an apology!


Huh? What for?


You know exactly the reason. I know you do!


Is it because I killed you?


No I don't care about that. It is because you didn’t give me IMMUNITY!


What that’s it? Sorry Flower, But I don’t think I will apologize for that!


You have to!

*Leafy comes in*


Bubble, I will apologize for you, Uh Flower, Bubble is sincerely sorry for not giving you immunity.


I… I guess that’s adequate.


OMG Leafy! Why did you do that? I thought you hated me!


Well, I decided a little argument shouldn’t end a friendship.




So lets be friends again!


Leafy, we’re friends, and then we’re not, and then we’re friends, and then we're not, and this doesn’t seem like a very stable friendship!


Oh so now you don't want to be friends!




Well, I would rather be with Firey; at least he appreciates my presence.



You know Firey, I've never been in a Ferris Wheel before.


Wait till you get to the fun, special part!


Ooh! Special!?


We'll go through a waterfall.


You're... you're allergic to water.


Yeah, I replaced with a lavafall.


Firey gets showered by lava.


Heh heh. Isn't this great?


No! Get me out of this thing!


Oh my gosh Leafy, just calm down and enjoy the ride!

(Leafy gets burned in lava)



(Scene cuts to Bubble talking to the Announcer)


When are we gonna do Cake at Stake?


Right now.


Cake at Stake intro plays.
A bug jumps on on Flower.


Oh my gosh! It's a bug!
The Green Speaker Box throws spikes.
One of the spikes hit the bug.


Is it gone?


Hey! Where's Leafy?


She died in the ferris wheel.


Yeah I know that. But won't the Master Recovery Center creates her again?


We had to sell the recovery centers because of budget cuts.


You didn't! You couldn't have!


Wanna bet?


Actually I do.


How much?


My life earnings.
Firey takes out his life earnings.


Well, it turns out that we actually did sell them, (takes Firey's life earnings with a scooper) so thanks for the money.

Firey: So wait, you really sold the recovery centers? You mean Leafy's never coming back?

Announcer: Yep. Can we move on now?

Firey: No! I want Leafy back!

Announcer: Whatever. Be quiet. Now we really have to get going.

Bubble: I agree! Let's get to the elmination!

Announcer: We have something else to get to first.

Bubble: Really? What?

Announcer: You seriously don't remember?

Bubble: Soiry. Bubbles don't have brains. Give me a hint!

Announcer: It has to do with the cancelation of BFDI.

Bubble: Hmm... I give up, tell me!

[Camera shows Announcer standing next to a vote counter]

Announcer: If the number of votes go down yet again, BFDI will be cancel.

Bubble: Oh mi gosh! I hope that doesn't happen!

Announcer: We'll find out.

[Vote counter is counting the current vote to 5 compare to the previous votes which are 816]

Bubble: This suspense is killing me!

[Video cuts to commercial]

Blocky: Hey guys, for a prank, place the Announcer Recovery Center next to a trampoline. Then throw Spongy onto the trampoline. After that, kill Announcer....

[A bowling ball falls from the sky and kill Announcer]

Blocky:... It's a fun, easy way to create the ultimate prank!

Commercial: This program, was brought to you by Blocky's Funny Doings International.

[The Blocky's Funny Doings International's logo giving a thumb up]

[Cuts to an another commercial]

Narrator (Voiced by Nate Groth): Please donate money to the No More Advertisements Foundation to prevent ads like this to appear in TV Shows. We think ads are boring, frustrating, disgusting and irritating. Donut U 2. If you dough nate 1 dollar, you'll get a bumper sticker. If you donate 5 dollars, you'll recieve our subscription magazine which includes loads of our latest products. Donate a hundred dollars, and we'll put your name in our next movement called "The Fight against Commercials". Go check it out in (indistinct). It's time to end advertisements.

[Cuts to a Yellow Face commercial]

Yellow Face

Buy Non-Slip Shoes So Ha! They're like totally in style these days! Like Flower wore them this one time so like they must be good!

Purple Face

So what? That was almost 2 years ago! No one wears Non-slip shoes anyore so ha!

Yellow Face

Oh my gosh! You do not know anything! You're, PURPLE!

Purple Face

Racist! Get this guy outta here!

Yellow Face

So yeah! Buy now!

Purple Face

No! Don't!

[Yellow Face gets angry and eats Purple Face]


[Cuts back to the elimination, there were already 723 votes, until it stops when it reached 735]

Bubble: Huh?

Announcer: I'm sorry guys, but we got fewer votes than last time. Again, BFDI is cancelled.

Firey: So who wins Dream Island?

Announcer: No one does.

Flower: No way! This is unacceptable!

Announcer: Why not?

Flower: Because I want Dream Island!

Announcer: Well, too bad, and I don't think you deserve it anyway.

Flower: GRRR!

[Flower throws Green Bug Eggs on the Announcer]

Announcer: What did you just throw on me?

Flower: Uh... I don't know, why does it matter?

Announcer: I think they're Bug Eggs.

Flower: Uh.

[The Bugs start growing and multiplying from the eggs]

Flower: Oh my Gardener!

Flower: We have to run away people, they'll eat us alive!

[The Contestants and Announcer scream and run away from the Elimination Area]

[Cuts to the Inside of the TLC]

GB: What did you hear?

Blocky: Uhh... I can't exactly tell what's going on right now, but I did hear he said that BFDI was cancelled.

Pen: Oh my gosh! That's great!

Blocky: Also.

Pen: Well if BFDI is over that means we should be released!

Block: Huh, that's true.

Coiny: Pen's right, I hear footsteps right now.

Pencil: Wow, I can't wait!

[The TLC gets destroyed by the wave of bugs]

Bubble: Oh my Bubble Blower, all the losers are dead!

Firey: We have to keep going!

[The Bugs destroy the recommended characters as a scream is heard]

Flower: What do we do about that canyon?

Firey: Jump over it!

[The 4 jump over the canyon]

Flower: Yes! I'm gonna make it!

[Flower gets hit by a meteor and falls off the canyon]

Bubble: Hey Firey, try burning the bugs.

Firey: That won't work.

Bubble: Destroy!

Firey: Ok. (A Bug lifts its mouth) oh.

[Firey gets eaten by the bug]

Bubble: Oh noio, Firey's been eaten!

Announcer: Just keep going.

[The Bug that ate Firey gets set on fire]

[And the Spreading wave of bugs gets waved by fire]

Bubble: It's not killing all of them!

Announcer: Of course not, I built them to be strong.

Bubble: Wait, you built the bugs?

Announcer: Oops, forget I said anything.

Bubble: I can't believe-

[The Announcer pops Bubble]

Announcer: I have to keep my secrets. Well, I guess it's time to do this.

[The Announcer presses a [Delete Bugs] Button and the bugs vanish]

Announcer: Umm. I'm not sure what to do now, because all of the contestants are gone.

David: Aw, seriously?

Announcer: Except for David of course, because he is immune to bugs. Hey, I have a David Cloner.

[10 Minutes later]

Announcer: I decided to not cancel BFDI.

David: Aw, seriously?

Announcer: The Cake this time is a Red Velvet Cake.

David: Aw, seriously?

Announcer: It was recommended by "TotalDramaIsland5543".

David: Aw, seriously?

Announcer: Go subscribe to his order channel.

David: Aw, seriously?

Announcer: There are 3 slices of cake.

David: Aw, seriously?

Announcer: 3 contestants will be safe and will get cake.

David: Aw, seriously?

Announcer: 1 contestant will be eliminated.

David: Aw, seriously?

Announcer: Bubble had immunity, so she's safe.

Bubble David: Aw, seriously?

[Bubble David gets cake]

Announcer: Out of the 735 votes, Firey got only 86, so he's also safe.

Firey David: Aw, seriously?

[The Cake burns in the fire]

Announcer: Now it's down to Flower and Leafy.

Leafy David: Aw, seriously?

Announcer: Leafy is safe with 125 votes.

Leafy David: Aw, seriously?

[Leafy David gets cake]

Announcer: And flower is eliminated with a record of 524 votes.

[All the contestants come back]

Flower: What? No way!

Announcer: Oh my gosh, how did you people come back?

Leafy: We faked our deaths, obviously.

Announcer: Whatever. Flower, you're the first and last contestant to be eliminated before the finale.

[Cuts to Elimination Montage]

[Episode 2]

Announcer: you; Flower, are out with four votes.

Flower: Grrrrrrrr!

  • Flower activates Announcer Crusher * *It hits Golf Ball instead * *Which also makes it explode*


[Episode 3]

Announcer: Spongy— (Woody Screams) —is eliminated at 4 votes. {Woody has a relief}

(A flinger appears, Spongy gets flinged)

[Episode 4]

Announcer: Blocky...

Woody: Aaaaaaaah! *flips out*

Announcer: eliminated at six votes.

Woody: Aaaah. *sigh of relief*

  • Blocky gets flung into the TLC*


[Episode 5]

Announcer: Woody...

(Woody sighs of relief)

Announcer: eliminated at 9 votes!

(Woody starts freaking out)

(Sender Scoop Thrower flings Woody to TLC)

[Episode 6]

Announcer: Goodbye Pin.

Pin: I used my Win Token!

Announcer: Too late!

Pin: But I'm the team leader! You can't do that! Oh no! Eraser! You need an heroic leader like me!

(Pin is flung to TLC)

[Episode 7]

Announcer: And Needy (Slap) is at 12 votes.

Coiny: Yeah, but Needle why don't you like being called "Needy"?

Needle: Needy-

(Needle is flung to the TLC)

[Episode 10]

Announcer: Teardrop, it's time so say goodbye.

(TD falls into TLC)

[Episode 11]

Announcer: Goodbye, Golf Ball, or GBGB for short.

Pencil: Hyuck Hyuck, that's so hilare!

(Camera Pans into Golf Ball)

GB: Now my chances of winning went from 7.143%, to 0.000%!

(GB gets dropped to the TLC)

[Episode 12]

Announcer: Coiny, it looks like it's the end for you.

(Coiny get dropped into the TLC)

[Episode 13]

Announcer: Snowball, I'm sorry to say but you've been eliminated with a record of 47 votes.

SB: Grrr!

(SB throws the Announcer but gets flung to the TLC when it hit him)

(SB screams NOOO!!!!)

[Episode 14]

Pencil: No, Match, no! You've been eliminated!

Match: OMG, I know it's, like, hard, But you got to keep, like, like, going! You got to win this for, like(x4), for the both of us!

(Match transported to TLC)

[Episode 15]

Announcer: Eraser, goodbye.

(Eraser trasported to TLC)

[Episode 16]

Announcer: Pen will be eliminated.

(Pen transported to TLC)

[Episode 17]

Announcer: Blocky, I'm sorry, but you recieved 112 votes. That's enough to eliminate you. Again.

Blocky: No! You can't eliminate me! I-I'm like the star of the show-

(Blocky transported to TLC)

[Episode 18]

Announcer: Tennis Ball is eliminated.

(Tennis Ball screams as he falls to the TLC)

[Episode 19]

Announcer: You recieved 259 votes, which is the most ever. You are eliminated.

Pencil: What?!? This machine thingy must be broken!

(Pencil transported to TLC)

[Episode 20]

Announcer: David is eliminated.

David: Aww, seriously?

(David transported to TLC)

[Episode 21]

Announcer: Ice Cube, you have been eliminated.

(Ice Cube screams as she gets transported to the TLC)

[Episode 22]

Flower Speaker: And Rocky is eliminated!

(Rocky transported to TLC)

[Episode 23]

Announcer: Spongy, (Huh?) with a record of 432 votes, you have been eliminated, again.

(Spongy transported to TLC)



Flower: Well, I am not going to be eliminated! I've got my Mirror!

(A Laser appears and gets reflected and hits a bush, which gets transported to TLC)


TB: Why is there a bush here?


(Another laser appears and gets reflected and transports the Sun to the TLC)


SB: It's so bright!


(A third laser appears and gets reflected and disappears the TLC)

(The Eliminated Contestants cheer)

(The TLC comes back and the eliminated contestants scream)

(A fourth laser appears and gets reflected, but at an angle that causes it to go around the world and hit Flower at the back)

(Flower transported to TLC)


Flower: Oh no, not here again!


Announcer: So now we have our 3 finalists; Bubble, Firey and Leafy. Vote who you want to win by commenting on this video.

(There will be a second season!)

(But only if we get at least 1,000 likes.)


Announcer: I forgot to give you rewards.

Leafy: Huh?

Announcer: Rewards for getting into the Final 3.

Firey: Another reward? I love rewards!

Bubble: So what are the rewards?

Announcer: Anything you ask for.

Leafy: Anything...

Announcer: Absolutely everything.

Leafy: Well, i wish for world peace!

Announcer: Which granted.

Leafy: But you didn't do anything!

Announcer: I think the world is peaceful enough. Moving on, Bubble.

Bubble: I want some yoylecake!

Announcer: Sorry, Bubble, But that doesn't fit our budget. Wish denied, onto Firey.

Firey: I want my life's earnings back!

Announcer: Sorry, I already spent it.

Firey: On what?

Announcer: Your new recovery centers.

Firey: Wow, thanks! Wait, you didn't buy these because you care about us, did you?

Announcer: Nope.

Leafy: *gasps* Then why you do it!

Announcer: So i can do this, [pops Bubble] and this, [burns Leafy with Firey] and this. [kills Firey with a bucket of water] [An Announcer Crusher appears, crushing the Announcer] What's this? [Announcer gets crushed]

[Announcer, Firey, Leafy, and Bubble play with their new recovery centers and kill themselves with the massive machine]


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