Episode Gallery Transcript


Wow, this book is the best! [hears construction noises] Okay, what are those sounds? [rushes over to Match] Match! Do you know what those sounds are?


What sounds? [hears a shatter] Oh, that?


Yeah. Come on, Match, let's find out!




[runs to the I.C.R.C.] Hey! That's the I.C.R.C.!



Pencil: Uh, you know, the Ice Cube Recovery Center, the place where Ice Cube is created when she dies?

Match: Wow, coollio.

Pencil: What's going on?

Match: Come take a look.

Pencil: Cool! It's Ice Cube, and she's shrinking!

Match: No, she's falling. [Icy shatters, gets recovered and knocks down Pencil and Match]



Hey, Snowball, remember how that Weird Speaker Box told us our team would be getting a new player?


Yeah, of COURSE I remember!

Coiny: I wonder who it'll be?


Well, Coiny, you're about to find out. Oh, and don't call me a Weird Speaker Box. [Cake at Stake intro plays] So, the votes are in, and I gathered the 6 eliminated players here today. One of you will be joining the Squashy Grapes, who are impatiently waiting over there. The person rejoining the game gets both this cake, and this Win Token.

Coiny: Hey, that's not fair! They do worse than us by getting eliminated, and still they get a Win Token?!


Ha-ha! Stinks for you not to have a Win Token yet!

Announcer: So, there was a total of 28 votes. Luckily for all of you, you all got at least 1 vote. Woody...



Announcer: I'm sorry to tell you this, but you only got 1 vote. You go back to the Tiny Loser Chamber. [Woody screams as he gets flung to the TLC]

Leafy: The TLC seems larger!

Announcer: I enlarged it. With 4 votes each, there is a 3-way tie for 3rd place. Pin, you're one of the members of the tie. You won't rejoin the game.

Pin: What?! That's CRAZY! [screams as she gets flung to the TLC]

Announcer: Spongy-Spongy, you too. [flings Spongy to the TLC] Also losing is... [transition to the final 3]

Flower: If you re-eliminate me, I'll crush you with my recently refurnished ANNOUNCER CRUSHER!!!

Announcer: Well, too bad for me. You're out. [Flower growls and is about to press the button but gets flung to the TLC then screams]

Flower: No!

Announcer: So, it's down to Needy... [gets slapped]

Needle: Don't call me Needy!

Announcer: ...and Blocky, The Stabber and The Stabable. [gets slapped again]

Blocky: Don't call me STABABLE!

Announcer: Now, rejoining the game on the Squashy Grapes team is... [zoom in to Blocky, then Needle] ...Blocky the Stabable.

Blocky: YEAH! But seriously, don't call me Stabable.

Announcer: Needle, with a measly 7 votes, you lose.

Needle: Aw, seri- [gets flung to the TLC]

Blocky: Yeah! A new team, guys!

Announcer: Contestants, we have reached a new stage on the Battle For Dream Island. You are the Final 15. As a reward, you all get BFDI Posters.

Snowball: [looks at the poster] Grrrr! I was hoping for a better reward!

Announcer: Okay, Stash those away, because we gotta move on. Squishy Cherries, do you notice that you are exactly half the size of the Squashy Grapes team?

Bubble: Oh, Ha-ha. You know, you don't have to rub it OIN!

Announcer: Well, that means the grape team will permanently be permanently split permanently in two, permanently forming 3 teams of 5. Permanently.

Coiny: Oh my mint, are you double-youing serious?! I'd like to be on the LARGER team.

Announcer: Hyuk-hyuk-doy, you better believe I'm serious. Leafy and Rocky will choose the teams.

Snowball: Why them?! Why not ME?!

Announcer: Well, for one, they don't have archenemies. Plus, their names are 5 letters long. I like the number 5. So, Leafy, choose first.

Leafy: Ah-ha! Ice Cube, come on down! You can be my ally!

Ice Cube: Thanks for picking me! Pencil wouldn't let me into her alliance...

Pencil: That was almost a year ago, Icy. LET IT GO.

Announcer: Rocky, your turn. Rocky? Come on, Rocky, Speak up!

Tennis Ball: Don't you know? Rocky forgot how to talk in Episode 4.

Announcer: So how does he communicate? [Rocky barfs on Tennis Ball] He picks TB.

Leafy: Teardrop, Okay?

Ice Cube: Wha?

Leafy: TEARDROP. Should she join or NOT?

Ice Cube: She's got to join!

Tennis Ball: We'll pick Golf Ball because she and I are a DUO!

Leafy: Okay. Out of the people left, Snowball seems the best.

Snowball: I'm the best out of all people!

Golf Ball: Coiny, Firey, or Blocky?

Tennis Ball: Coiny!

Leafy: Hmm... Blocky, or Firey? Blocky, or Firey?

Snowball: I'd say Blocky. I'm better friends with him!

Coiny: Wait. But then Firey goes to my team. And he's just so dumb!

Firey: I know you are, but what am I?

Coiny: See? You're so dumb. You don't even know what you are. [gets slapped by Firey]

Announcer: Name-choosing time. Leafy, Icy, TD, SB, and Blocky, choose your name.

Leafy: You know, I've been a Squashy Grape for so long, I think we should continue to be the Squashy Grapes! Sounds good?

Snowball: Uh... Yeah!

Announcer: Then that's your team name. Okay, moving on. Rocky, TB, GB, Coiny, and Firey, what's your name?

Firey: Ooh, ooh! I wanna be the Squashy Grapes, too!

Golf Ball: No, NO! The others are already the Squashy Grapes! Our name has to be another name!

Announcer: So then your team is Another Name.

Golf Ball: Wait, I--

Announcer: Let's go through our current teams. Squishy Cherries, Squashy Grapes, and Another Name.

Pen: Uh, Awkward Speaker Cube? Last episode you said 2 people would be eliminated. What's that about?

Announcer: Well, during the voting period, voters will vote 2 people off the losing team. Afterward, the winning team chooses one of the 2 onto their team. Nothing happens to the middle team.

Pen: Okay, sounds good, unusual talking rectangle!

Announcer: Okay, enough talking. Let's get to it. The ninth--

Eraser: Which IIIIIIS... [complete silence as he frowns]

Announcer: The ninth contest is a 6-legged race. Here are ropes to tie your legs together. Go!

Snowball: [throws down the Squashy Grapes] Come on, Grapes! Tie up! Look! The Mushy Berries are already going! [All Cherries are successful except Pen, who babbles incoherently banging his head on the ground. The Names tie their legs together] You slowpokes are taking too long!

Leafy: Seriously, SB, calm down! Can't you at least help?

Snowball: Oh, I'll help, alright! [ties the Grapes together] Now you're all tied up. No need to thank!

Bubble: Wow, we're winning! That doesn't happen a lot!

Eraser: Yeah, sure, Bubble. Uh, guys, make sure to avoid that tree. [Pen smacks his head on said tree]

Golf Ball: Aren't races like this great?

Tennis Ball: Yeah, and if we could walk IN SYNCRHONY, (furiously) IT WOULD BE EVEN BETTER!!! [Firey and Coiny slap each other until Rocky barfs on Coiny]

Coiny: Hey, it slimed me! [Tennis Ball sighs, and Snowball strains himself trying to pull the Grapes tied in a ball]

Leafy: Wouldn't it be easier to--

Snowball: Shush! Shut it! [continues straining himself]

Bubble: This... This is amoizing! I mean, for so long... [continues talking]

Tennis Ball: If we're quiet, they won't notice we're ahead.

Firey: We're ahead?!

Coiny: Quiet, you!

Firey: Well, you're not so quiet!

Tennis Ball: [gasps] It's a tightrope!

Firey: Uhh... I... I have a fear of heights... [screams on the tightrope, making bubble notice]

Bubble: The names are ahead! We have to catch up!

Coiny: They spotted us! Go! GO!!

Bubble: HurryuphurryuphurryupHURRYUPHURRYUP!!!

Tennis Ball: The finish! It's right there! [Rocky barfs, putting his team in 2nd place]

Pencil: Yoy! [presses the finish button]


Yay. Squishy Cherries, you're team number winner. You'll be expecting a new player next episode. [Another Name presses button, too] Team Another Name, you're team number middle. You don't win or lose, but that means Ice Cube's team, the Squashy Grapes, falls into last place. They are the losers. So voters, choose just one of the following people to vote off: Ice Cube, or those other 4. the 2 most voted people will leave the Squashy Grapes. One of them will be chosen into the Squishy Cherries. [Snowball strains himself until he falls asleep at the tightrope]

Leafy: You know, when you fall into a bottomless pit, you die of starvation! [episode ends]

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