Battle For Dream Island
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Country of origin

United States of America


Reality TV/Comedy/Animation/Game Show

Run time

September 1, 2016 – present

Video resolution

4K (2160p)

Created by

Michael Huang
Cary Huang

Preceded by

Battle for Dream Island Again

Number of episodes

1 (currently)

First episode

Welcome Back

Last episode


IDFB, also known as dnalsI maerD roF elttaB and It's Deep Fried Breaths[1] is the third season of Battle for Dream Island. It takes place 3 years after the events of BFDIA 5e. It premiered on September 1, 2016 with the release of Welcome Back.


IDFB takes place 3 years after BFDIA 5e. The Firey Speaker Box has disappeared, and the BFDI contestants now live in Yoyleland. Woody and many more former contestants have been recovered.

The show is a reverse of BFDI, as every episode the viewers vote who to take out of the TLC, rather than who to put in the TLC. The show has also been diminished of the competition format, and is now focused more on the cartoon humor, the story, and even the characters.

There were many things that happened over the last 3 years that are yet to be unveiled. For example, how did Bubble escape the TLC? How did Firey get trapped in a cage by FreeSmart? How did Rocky get his barf back? What happened to the competition and where did the Firey Speaker Box go?

So far, only one episode of IDFB has been released, known as Welcome Back, on September 1st and the second episode was set to release on October 1st, however due to Cary Huang, a fellow creator of the series moving to college,[2] the episode's release date was delayed to December 1st. However, the second episode of IDFB had another delay and it was postponed till further notice. Michael Huang said he was going to release another short, but that too was delayed. Another short called Ballers was released.

Characters currently outside the TLC

Characters currently in the TLC

Robot FlowerPillowClock8-BallBalloonyCloudyPuffballRobotyRemoteDavidBarf BagBasketballDonutDoraFirey Jr.TreeGatyEggyNonexistyBraceletyBellBlack HoleEraserBlockyTVGrassyLightningFannyMarkerLollipopBottleCakePieNailyTacoMatchSawSnowballPenTeardropTlc copy
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*= Season 1 contestants that failed to join Season 2.

**= Contestants eliminated in Season 2.


  • IDFB is confirmed to be BFDI's third season by Jacknjellify's channel art.
  • Most characters in the TLC have a new redesign.
  • This is the first season in which the first word was spoken by Michael (as Ruby) instead of Cary.




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