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Episode Gallery Transcript
Camera shows the remaining 5 contestants turned into Yoyle Metal
Camera shows the Firey Speaker Box jumping and talking on the damaged TLC
Firey Speaker Box: The Tiny. Loser. Chamber. Needs. To be. Fixed. Help me. Get it. Fixed!
Flower: Please, be quiet and leave me alone!
[Flower throws a bowling ball at the Firey Speaker Box]
[FRB jumps over the bowling ball and its hit the Flower Speaker Box, destroying it]
[A letter slowly falls down from the sky]
Bubble: It's a message!
Spongy: What does it say?
Bubble: We are currently building an Announcer Recovery Center. It will be done soon. Sign, Flykydfly.
Leafy: Well that's good. I miss the old Announcer. I can't wait to have him back!
[Camera cuts to Ice Cube]
Ice Cube: Wow!
[Leafy goes to Ice Cube]
Leafy: Ice Cube! You'e supposed to be in the TLC. How did you escape?
[Camera shows Firey standing next to a hole in the TLC]
Firey: There's a giant giving hole on the wall, so.... [Firey points at the hole]
[Firey hears a voice and goes into the TLC]
Firey: Oh hello Coiny, it's good to see you finally where you belong.
[Firey gets slapped by a recommended character named "Invisible Coiny"]
[Intro plays]
Firey Speaker Box: See I told you, the Tiny Loser Chamber need to be fixed!
Leafy: Yeah, that's true. But how are you gonna fix it?
Firey Speaker Box: Well, I need some metal. And you guys are made of metal. So yeah... huh.
[Cut to 6 contestants inside the factory]
Flower: I don't want to go first! Bubble, you go first.
[Bubble falls into the furnace]
Flower: Who next? Who next? Leafy, who should go next?
Leafy: Hmm...
[A red circle surrounds Ice Cube]
Leafy: Aha, Ice Cube, come on down, you could be my alloy!
[Leafy throws Ice Cube into into furnace]
Firey: Why would you do that? She isn't even made of metal.
Flower: Firey, don't question it, just jump in.
[Flower pushes a screaming Firey into the furnace]
Flower: Who next, Leafy?
Leafy: How about you?
Flower: What?!?

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