Episode Gallery Transcript

Before the intro

[Camera shows the Firey Speaker Box jumping and talking on the damaged TLC]

Firey Speaker Box

The Tiny. Loser. Chamber. Needs. To be. Fixed. Help me. Get it. Fixed!

Metal Flower

Please, be quiet and leave me alone!
[Flower throws a bowling ball at the Firey Speaker Box]
[Firey Speaker Box jumps over the bowling ball and it hits the Flower Speaker Box, destroying it]
[A letter slowly falls down from the sky]

Metal Bubble

It's a message!

Metal Spongy

What does it say?

Metal Bubble

We are currently building an Announcer Recovery Center. It will be done soon. Signed, Flykydfly.

Metal Leafy

Well that's good. I miss the old Announcer. I can't wait to have him back!
[Camera cuts to Ice Cube]

Ice Cube

[Leafy goes to Ice Cube]

Metal Leafy

Ice Cube! You're supposed to be in the TLC. How did you escape?
[Camera shows Firey standing next to a hole in the TLC]

Metal Firey

There's a giant giving hole on the wall, so.... [Firey points at the hole]
[Firey hears a voice]


<Inside the TLC> Wow, thanks for stating the obvious.
[Firey looks inside the TLC]

Metal Firey

Oh hello Coiny, it's good to see that you're finally where you belong.
[Firey gets slapped by a recommended character named "Invisible Coiny"]

After the intro

Firey Speaker Box

See I told you, the Tiny Loser Chamber need to be fixed!

Metal Leafy

Yeah, that's true. But how are you gonna fix it?

Firey Speaker Box

Well, I need some metal. And you guys are made of metal. So yeah...
[Cut to 6 contestants inside the factory]

Metal Flower

I don't want to go first! Bubble, you go first.
[Bubble falls into the furnace]

Metal Flower

Who next? Who next? Leafy, who should go next?

Metal Leafy

[A circle surrounds Ice Cube]
Leafy: Aha, Ice Cube, come on down, you could be my alloy!
[Leafy throws Ice Cube into into furnace]
Firey: Why would you do that? She isn't even made of metal.
Flower: Firey, don't question it, just jump in.
[Flower pushes a screaming Firey into the furnace]
Flower: Who's next, Leafy?
Leafy: How about you?
Flower: What?!? No!
Leafy: You have to go in eventually!
Flower: Well I can't go in now, I-
(The platform pushes Flower, Leafy and Spongy into the furnace)
Firey Speaker Box: Yes! Now I finally have enough.
(The Master Recovery Center recovers all the contestants)
Flower: Yes, I'm no longer metal! I don't weigh like a thousand pounds anymore!
Bubble: Whoa! The Tiny Loser Chamber, it's been fixed!
Firey Speaker Box: One of you will be sent to the TLC in about one minute and one of you will be sent to the TLC in 5 seconds.
Leafy: Sorry Ice Cube, I guess you have to go back.
Ice Cube: What?
Leafy: (whispering) Sorry.
(Ice Cube is thrown into the TLC)
Firey Speaker Box: Now let's do Cake at Stake.
(Cake at Stake theme plays)
(Announcer Recovery Center falls from the sky and pops Bubble)


Hey guys, I'm back. Who's this? An impostor?

Firey Speaker Box

No no no, I'm your replacement.

Firey Speaker Box

And I'm his clone.
Firey Speaker Box: Say what?
Yellow Hexagon Speaker Box and Red Triangle Speaker Box: We are also clones!
Announcer: You people are all too weird. Please leave.
Red Triangle Speaker Box: No discrimination, please.

Purple Circle Speaker Box: I am the circular floating cloud.

Cheese Orb: And I'm the Cheese Orb!
Green Small Speaker Box: I THROW SPIKES BECAUSE I CAN THROW!!!! (launching spikes)
Firey: Hey, um, let's just get to the elimination.
Spongy: Yeah, let's just do that.
(Spikes from Green Small Speaker Box hit Spongy)
Announcer: 816 voters voted. It went down again.
Leafy: Please don't cry!

Announcer: Don't worry. I'm okay. But if it goes down for a third time in a row, I swear I will cancel BFDI.

(Cheese Orb and a spike from Green Small Speaker Box hit Announcer)
Announcer: Would you please stop distracting me?
(Bubble arrives in her BRC)
Bubble: So, what's the cake this time?
Announcer: It's cheesecake.
Firey Speaker Box: But we don't have any.
(Announcer slices Cheese Orb into four slices)
Announcer: Now we do.
Leafy: Oh no! Speaker just killed the Cheese Orb!
Firey: Cheese Orb was my friend!
Announcer: Four of the five of you are safe, and will get cake. One of you will be eliminated. Flower and Firey had immunity, so they get cake.
(Flower and Firey get their cakes)
Announcer: With only 97 against her, Bubble is safe.
(Bubble gets her cake)
Announcer: Spongy and Leafy, one of you will be eliminated.




Announcer: The contestant who is safe with only 287 votes is-
Red Triangle Speaker Box: It's Leafy.
Announcer: Oh my gosh, would you just be quiet?
Flower: But is it true?
Announcer: Yes, Spongy...
Spongy: Huh?

Announcer: ...with a record of 432 votes, you've been eliminated, again.

(Spongy gets teleported to the TLC)
Leafy: Yeah, final four, Firey!
Announcer: Do you realize that there is only one more elimination before the finals?
Bubble: Whoa!
Announcer: That means that this is the last contest of BFDI.
Flower: And what is the last contest?
Announcer: It's a combination of all the previous contests.
Leafy: Ooh, cool!
Announcer: The first person to complete all the contests in order wins immunity. If you die, you have to start all over again. Go.
(Episode 1A)
(The four contestants start running across the balance beam)
Flower: Out of my way, I need my space!
(Flower pushes Firey and Leafy off and Firey gets put out by the water and Leafy gets up to the surface of the water)
(Firey comes out of the FRC)
(Episode 1B)
Flower: Haha! Huh? Ha, I deserve the one with the motor!
(Flower jumps in the boat)
(Bubble arrives at 1B and jumps into the boxy boat)
Flower: Faster!

(Episode 2)

Flower: Well I never did this contest, this is so unfair!
(Leafy arrives at 1B)
Leafy: Firey, I'll wait for you!
(Bubble arrives at 2)
Flower: Bubble, get me to the top of the rock wall!
Bubble: No, Flower, you have to do it yourself.
Flower: What?!? And to think you're nice!
(Firey arrives at 1B)
Leafy: Firey! You deserve the larger boat, because I know you can't touch water.
Firey: Wow, thanks!
(The two go across the water)
(Back to 2)
Flower: Bubble, you have to get me to the top, you have to!!
Bubble: No!
Flower: If you don't help me, I'll, I'll pop you!
Bubble: You wouldn't!
Flower: Oh yeah! (pops Bubble)
(Back to 1B)
(A fish monster drags Leafy down underwater and the fish monster gets eaten by a bigger one)
Leafy: Oh, why, hello! (gets eaten by the big fish monster)
(Leafy comes out of the MRC)
Bubble: Oh noio, no boats left!
Leafy: It's okay, we can swim!

Bubble: Oh, okay!

(Leafy and Bubble swim)

Leafy: Hey! It's my boat! I must have like, left it earlier.
Bubble: Um, so?

Leafy: You can use it, Bubble!

Bubble: Really? Thanks!
(Firey arrives at 2)
Flower: Firey, you'll get me to the top!
Firey: No!
Flower: I'll extinguish you!
Firey: No, you won't!
Flower: Oh yeah! (pushes Firey into the water)
(Firey is about to fall into the water)
Leafy: Firey's about to fall into the water!

(Firey loses his balance)

Leafy: I'll save you!
(Leafy pushes Firey, but failed because her hands burned and Firey fell into the water)]
(Leafy and Firey come out of their Recovery Centers)
(Back to 2, Bubble arrives)
Flower: Bubble, now it's just the two of us, now get me to the top!!!
Bubble: Oh, I'll do it, just because you'll kill me if I don't!
Flower: Yes!
(Bubble carries Flower)

Flower: Three, two, one!

(Flower is thrown up by Bubble)

Flower: Whee! (gets knocked away from the boxing glove)

(Back to 1b)

Firey: Oh no, all the boats are gone, and you know I can't swim.

Leafy: I'll swim, Firey, and you can stand on my head.
Firey: Really?
Leafy: As long as you won't set me on fire!
Firey: Wow, thanks!
(Leafy swims and Firey stands on her head)
Firey: Wow, this is great!
(Flower is flying through the sky and hits Firey and he is put out)
Leafy: No, don't die!
(Bubble climbs the rock wall)
Bubble: Yoylecake!
(Episode 3)

(Bubble takes a test)

Bubble: Done! (passes test)

(Bubble fails the test)
Bubble: Oh noio!
(Firey comes out of the FRC)
(Firey runs as fast as he can and lands on Flower and Leafy)
(Back to 3)

(Bubble takes another test and she fails again)

Bubble: Oh noio!

(Back to 2)

(Flower and Firey make it to the top of the wall and Leafy gets hit by the boxing glove)

(Episode 3)
(Bubble, Flower, and Firey take a test and Flower and Firey pass and Bubble fails for the third time)
Firey: Done! Yay!
Flower: Yes!
Bubble: Oh noio!
(Leafy gets to the top of the rock wall)

Leafy: Hey, Bubble, what happened?

Bubble: I failed the test three times!

Leafy: I think I can help you!
Bubble: Really?
Leafy: Yeah! I know that when you survive 1338 days without eating, and then you would like tennis balls!
Bubble: That's it?
Leafy: Yeah!
(Episode 4)

Firey: So, we have to make a cake.

Flower: Well, I remember Coiny made a delicious dirt cake, so I'm getting that, too.
Firey: But Coiny's so dumb. Don't follow his ways!
(Episode 5)

Flower: Whatever, I'm moving on.

(Flower trips and falls into the pit)
(Bubble passes the test)

Bubble: Yoi! Yoylecake!

(Leafy passes the test)

Leafy: Yay!

(Episode 4)
Bubble: Firey, why are you actually making a cake? A clump of dirt would work just as well.
Leafy: Yeah, I think I'll do that too!
Firey: OMG, what has Coiny done to you?

(Episode 5)

(Bubble and Leafy cross the bridge)
(Episode 6-13)
(Bubble and Leafy hop across the three islands, assemble their jigsaw puzzles, run to the tree, do the 3-legged race, cry, ski, do a handstand, float across with a balloon, climb up the ladder, and find red balls)
(Bubble continues but Leafy did not because her ball was maroon.)
Leafy: Oh, no. This is a maroon ball!
(Episode 14-21)
(Bubble fills the basket with bread, jumps over the hurdles, stands above the vomit, makes a taco, knocks down all 10 pins, catches frisbees, doesn't blink, rides a unicycle, gets in a spaceship and avoids lasers, and does a long jump)
(Episode 22)
Bubble: So, all I have to do is escape, and I've got immunity into the final 3!
Firey: That's right!
Bubble: Whoa! How did you guys catch up so quickly?
Firey: Psh, well that's pretty easy.
Flower: And now I'm going to win immunity!
Firey: No, you're not Flower!
(Flower and Firey climb up the pole but one of Flower's petals falls off and Leafy dodges it, making her press the Delete Flagpole button)
Leafy: Huh? Wait, what is Delete Pole mean?

(The flagpole falls down causing Flower and Firey to fall down)

(Firey lands in the lava, surviving)
Firey: Good think I can survive in lava.
Flower: But not water can do! Haha!
(Flower splashes water on Firey making himself put out and Flower burns in the lava)
Leafy: Well, it's going to be a long time before Firey and Flower get here again.
Bubble: So I guess it's just the two of us!
Leafy: I think you should win the immunity, Bubble!
Bubble: Um, Leafy, no offense, but I'm tired of you being so nice all the time.
Leafy: What?
Bubble: It's not much fun when I know you'll probably let me win anyway. There's no challenge!
Leafy: You mean all this time I've been trying to help you and you're not even thankful?
Bubble: Well, I didn't mean to say that!
Leafy: I was right about you, you are the meanest person on EARTH!
Bubble: No, I am thankful, it's just-
Leafy: I'd think you'd rather be with Flower, wouldn't you?
Flower: Yeah! She would!
Leafy, See, I knew it.
Bubble: No, I wouldn't!
Flower: Bubble even helped me over the rock wall!
Leafy: YOU WHAT?
Bubble: That's only because she threatened me!
Leafy: I don't wanna hear it, Bubble, our friendship is over!
Flower: Well ours, Bubble, has just begun! (pushes Leafy into the lava) Now get me out of this volcano!
(Bubble carries Flower)
Flower: Three, two, one- (gets pushed into the lava) Hey! What are you doing?
(Bubble kills her, pushes the Create Pole button and gets out of the volcano)
Announcer: Bubble, you win the final immunity ticket. So Firey, Flower and Leafy are up for the final elimination. Firey?
Firey: Yeah?
Announcer: For dying the most in this episode, you get a penalty.
Firey: What? What is it?
Announcer: You have to hold this sign.
(Firey holds a sign that says "Vote me out!")
Firey: Um, this doesn't seem to bad...
Announcer: Voters, viewers and everyone, vote who you think should be eliminated by commenting on this video.
(Ending scene)

Firey: Hey wait, so if there's an Announcer Recovery Center now, we can kill the Announcer as much as we want. He'll still come back to give us Dream Island!

Leafy: Oh yeah!
(The four contestants have fun wrecking the Announcer)
(End of episode)

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