HtBD Pencil

Pencil reading How to be Dumb

How to be Dumb is a book which Pencil and Bubble were reading in Insectophobe's Nightmare and A Leg Up in the Race.

There is a derivative book (possibly the sequel) named How to be So Very Dumb which Flower was reading in Hurtful!.

How to be Dumb

Front cover

Well, to be dummy-proof, we put the cover on both sides. And the inside pages too! So that means this book is twice as long as it could be. Oh, well! Dummies don't care about printing codes.

Chapter 5: Forget it all!

Although it's not really amnesia per se, forgetfulness can make any person dumber. simply because anything that leads up to learning (which is detrimental to their dumbness journey) will be conveniently forgotten, easing the transition to dumbness. New innovations like these can make even the most intelligent people very, very dumb. Now, that doesn't mean that saying "I forget" will make you dumb. That will never happen. It'll never, ever, ever, ever, ever happen. What you have to do is to upon learning of something new, think of something entirely different. For example, when you learn about Cary, think of someone good. When you learn about Michael, think of someone very, very, bad.

Back cover

Now you'll know how to be dumb! Wait, the title is on the back cover? Well, you wouldn't care, because you're so dumb.

How to be So Very Dumb

Front cover

Being dumb is fun. Dumb people can do anything they want! They can rob banks, kill people, and so much more! If smart people (disgusting) tried to do something like that, they would be arrested and sent to jail. But dumb people can just say they did not realize what they did is wrong! Yay! Fun! If you read this, subscribe to carykh.


  • Cary Huang and Michael Huang was mentioned in the books, so it's speculated that they exist in the BFDI world as well.
  • There is also a recommended character in Episode 14 named How to be Dumb.


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