The below information contains spoilers for BFDI/BFDIA/IDFB/BFB. Please watch the episodes in question if you haven't seen them already.

So who's the host gonna be?

The Hosts are the characters who run the show. This article lists all the hosts in BFDI, BFDIA, IDFB, and BFB.

Battle for Dream Island



The Announcer is the main host of Battle for Dream Island. He debuted in the first episode after falling out of the sky to announce the contest. He is a black speaker box, with a robotic voice.

In Don't Pierce My Flesh, he was destroyed and couldn't host the show as a result. However, he returned in Hurtful!, and remained the host for the rest of the season.

In Return of the Hang Glider, he leaves Earth. He does not return to host BFDIA.

Firey Speaker Box


The Firey Speaker Box is a replacement speaker box created by Firey. He was the Announcer's replacement after he was destroyed in Don't Pierce My Flesh, and he co-hosted, along with the Flower Speaker Box. He is shown to be less capable as the Announcer, as well as biased toward his creator.

In Hurtful!, the old announcer came back and took over hosting duties, and the Firey Speaker Box isn't present for the rest of the season. He later returns in BFDIA.

Later, he is seen in BFB when Donut announces the prize for the eighth episode, Firey Speaker Box is seen, but torn into seven pieces. Firey is dismayed, but Donut says it's just "tit-for-tat"

Flower Speaker Box

Flower box

The Flower Speaker Box is a replacement speaker box created by Flower. She was the Announcer's replacement after he was destroyed in Don't Pierce My Flesh and she co-hosted, along with the Firey Speaker Box. She is shown to be less capable as the Announcer, as well as being biased toward her creator.

She was killed by a bowling ball that Flower threw in Hurtful!. After that, the Firey Speaker Box took over hosting duties, until the Announcer returned.


There were several Speaker Boxes that Co-hosted episode 23's Cake at Stake:

Battle for Dream Island Again


Tv copy


I think TV should be the host!
— Firey BFDIA 1

TV was the first host in BFDIA, since he was the most similar to the original Announcer. He doesn't talk, instead, he communicates through the visuals on his screen and sound effects. and He is also known for having underwhelming Cake at Stake themes. Although he was supposed to be in the Locker of Losers because he is a contestant, Firey chose him as the host instead,

While he was replaced by the Puffball Speaker Box (and later the Firey Speaker Box) as the host, TV still continues to display the likes and dislikes for eliminations.

Puffball Speaker Box


The Puffball Speaker Box is another host of BFDIA. It was won by Puffball as a Cake at Stake prize in BFDIA 3 and immediately took over hosting duties.

It is very sassy and impatient, yelling and insulting the contestants. However, she seems to be the best replacement of the Announcer so far.

However, in Get in the Van, she was unintentionally stabbed and killed by Pin (in an attempt to kill Leafy). Firey suggested that she should be replaced with his own Speaker Box.

Firey Speaker Box


The Firey Speaker Box returns as the host in Get in the Van.

After the Puffball Speaker Box is killed, Firey suggests they use his. The Firey Speaker Box remains the same as he did in BFDI, although he is more capable of running the show and less biased toward Firey.

In BFDIA 6, he would have remained the host, however, this episode was never finished. And in IDFB, he has seemingly disappeared, leaving no one to host the show.


IDFB is a failed season of Battle For Dream Island with Welcome Back being its only episode.

VR Headset


VR Headset is a character that did not appear in Battle For Dream Island, Battle For Dream Island Again, IDFB, or BFB, but in a tweet in Jacknjellify's Twitter account. [1] It resembles a virtual reality headset. Its "lenses" can act as 2 separate faces and a mouth. According to a tweet, it is "a host with a screen". The two lenses also have different emotions.

The character was shown during the production of BFB. It may have been the original host of BFB, given the tweet description. It is possible that they were replaced by Four and X.

Battle for BFDI



Four was the host of BFB. He acts as the host, the Recovery Centers, and the TLC/LOL/EAC .

Four is known to scream and has very odd mannerisms, rarely responding to a contestant who talks to him. He also can zap and kill other people

However, in Four Goes Too Far, he was multiplied by zero. It is unknown if he will return as the host in the future.


Donut C Open

Donut later became the host after being pushed into four by A Better Name Than That in order to multiply Four with zero in Four Goes Too Far. Tennis Ball and Golf Ball said Donut should be the host because he was the one that multiplied Four by zero.

Due to him still being a contestant on Team Ice Cube, he clearly acted bias toward them and rigged challenges to prevent them from losing, thus preventing him from getting voted off.

As of This Episode Is About Basketball, he resigned the role to X after being tired of hosting.



X is the co-host (and now current host) of Battle for BFDI. He usually obeys what Four says, not doing much else.

In Four Goes Too Far, he was used in an equation to multiply his co-host, Four, by zero. Both hosts disappeared after this, until This Episode Is About Basketball in which X reappeared after Gelatin bit him, and gained the role as host. He shows to be very inexperienced, constantly making small errors.



Hello Kevin

HelloKevin is the host of BFDI APPISIOTE 225555555!!!!!, the one-off joke finale episode of BFDI. It is a slipper with a Hello Kitty-esque character on it named "Hello Kevin.”

Little is known about them (seeing as how it never talked in the video), but it had seemingly taken the place of the Announcer for the single episode for unknown reasons.


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