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Episode Gallery Transcript

Battle for Dream Island - Episode 14 "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None"09:45

Battle for Dream Island - Episode 14 "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None"


Hey Pen, try to jump over that.
(Pen jumps across the gap and gets onto the other side)


See, that was easy, that was the easiest thing that I ever done!


Let me try.

<Eraser jumps on the cliff, but he failed>


Save me, Pen!

<Pen grabs Eraser's and got pulled down>



<Blocky grabs Pen's and got pulled down>



<Firey grabs Blocky's and got pulled down>


Match! (He calls her like he is screaming)

<Match grabs Firey's legs and got pulled down>



<Pencil grabs Match's legs and got pulled down>



<Bubble grabs Pencil's legs and got pulled down>



<Leafy grabs Bubble's legs and got pulled down>



Ice Cube


<Everyone except Ice Cube fall down while screaming>



Match, Ice Cube, Rocky and Tennis Ball. Last episode, you four had the lowest scores. The voters have castes their ballots and chosen which of the four of you will be eliminated.


OMG, I hope none of them voted for good old Match!


Well, let's find out at Cake at Stake.

<Cake at Stake theme>

<plays cake at stake song>

Tennis Ball

Ohhh, I'm scared!


This time we got 158 votes. I have 10 slices of cake.


OMG, I see you chose, like, fruitcake for the cake. That is just totally an awful choice. I mean, why would you do that?!


Moitch is roight, noibody likes froitcake, loike!


Shush, sheesh. So there are 10 slices. They represent you're safety in the battle. At least for now. Whoever does not receive a slice will be eliminated. The seven of you who did not fall into the bottom four are all safe.

<Pen, Pencil, Blocky, Eraser, Firey, Leafy, Bubble gets the cake>

Announcer: Now there are only three slices left. Ice Cube, with only 9 votes, you are safe.

<Ice Cube gets the cake>

Announcer: Tennis Ball, even with 34 votes, you are safe.

<TB gets the cake>

Tennis Ball: Yaaayrrr!

Announcer: There is only one slice of cake left. I will now show the votes.

<Results are displayed, Rocky stops at 49 votes and Match gets 66 votes>

Pencil: No, Match, no! You've been eliminated!

Match: OMG, I know it's, like, hard, But you got to keep, like, like, going! You got to win this for, like, like, like, like, for the both of us!

<Match transported to TLC>

Pencil: You murdered her!

Announcer: No, that was our Laser Powered Teleportation Device. It teleported Match into Tiny Loser Chamber.

Pencil: Oh no, Bubble! What'll we do with Match's gone!

Bubble: I don't knoiw...

Ice Cube: Hey guys, can I be part...

Pencil: You know what? Sure. You CAN be part of our alliance. The more friends the better, right?

Bubble: Moitch will sure be oingry, when she foinds out we've reploiced her!

Pencil: Oh silly Bubble! We haven't replaced her, we... substituted her!

Announcer: People, people. Be quiet. So as you know, you are the final 10 contestants. That means you've reached the halfway mark.



Announcer: You all get reward.


Another reward? I love rewards!

Announcer: You each get the half of the pair of scissors.

Firey: What!? What good is this!?

Announcer: Get it? It's HALF of something that can cut something in HALF. Because you all reached the HALFway mark.

Pencil: Ah, ha, huh...

Announcer: But your competition is about get larger.

Leafy: Oh, no, you don't mean...

Announcer: Oh, yes I do. Just like there are 10 contestants still in, there are 10 contestants who've been eliminated. One will rejoin the game.


Pen, Firey, TB, Leafy

Golf Ball

So how do I re-enter the game?

Announcer: Well, you may have noticed that there is a basket behind each of you. There is also a large basket filled with loaves of bread. When this hourglass runs out, whoever has the most loaves of bread in individual basket re-enters the game. Go.

<Flower grabs 4 loaves and put them in her basket>

<Flower's score is raised by 4>

Announcer: Flower is ahead with 4 loaves. Snowball, Coiny, Needle and Match are just behind her.

Pencil: Ya! Match you GOT this!

<Pin puts 5 loaves in basket)



Announcer: Pin is now ahead with 5

<Flower puts 3 loaves in>

Announcer: Flower at 7.

<Snowball puts 4 loaves in>

Announcer: Snowball beating her at 8. Golf Ball, Spongy and Woody still at zero, Now Woody is taking his first dump.

<Woody puts in 2 loaves>

<Pin puts in 4 more loaves>

Announcer: Pin is at NINE now.

<Flower and SB put in 4/3 loaves>

Announcer: Flower and SB both at 11.

<Spongy walks and puts a dozen of loaves in>

Announcer: Woah! Spongy is actually bringing in a dozen loaves at once, he is now in the lead.

Pin: What?! That's crazy!

<Coiny is drowning>


Oh no! I'm drowning! HELP! <mumbles>

Firey: Ha ha!

Announcer:Needle is at 12, Match is at 13, Pin is at 14, Flower is at 15, Snowball in the lead with 16. Golf Ball now at 1.

Tennis Ball: Yeah! Go Golf Ball!

Announcer: Time's half up.

<Woody is drowning>

Announcer: Ha ha, Woody's drowning as well.

Leafy: Hey! Drowning is not funny.

Announcer: Snowball has 20 loaves. Flower and Pin both at 18, and Needle and Golf Ball are drowning. Seriously, why are so many people drowning? It's not quicksand or anything.

<Pin loads 4 loaves on to her basket, raising the number of her loaves to 22>

<Spongy walks and puts a baker's dozen of loaves into his basket>

Announcer: Spongy brings in a baker's dozen this time, raising him to first place.

Pin: What? That's crazy!

Pencil: OMG, Match, go fast! Fast! Fast!

Match: Ok.

<Match hits Pin and Pin steals her 3 loaves, raising her loaves to 25>

<Pin trips Snowball, who was carrying 4 loaves, and because he got tripped, his loaves were thrown to Pin's basket, raising it to 29>

Announcer: Pin's evil strategy brings her into first.

<Flower loads 5 loaves to her basket>

Announcer: Flower is in second.

<Rocky starts duplicating himself by spitting a clone of himself which will spit another clone as the rate of duplicating speeds up>


Bulleh! <33 times>

<Back in the Loaf Contest>

Announcer: Snowball is tied with Pin for the lead.

Pen, Eraser and Blocky: Yeah! Go Snowball!

Announcer: Time is almost up!

<Teardrop loads 3 loaves into her basket>

Announcer: Five...

<Flower loads 4 loaves into her basket>

Announcer: Four...

<Rocky keeps on duplicating himself at a supersonic rate>

Announcer: Three...

<Pin drowns>

Announcer: Two...

<Spongy drops 13 loaves onto his basket, raising him to 1st at 38 loaves>

Announcer: One... Boop, time's up. Well, Spongy is actually at first.


<In a deep voice> Yeah!

<Spongy walks near to the spectation counter, causing nearby contestants to move away from him>

Announcer: Welcome back, Spongy. Moving on, on this screen, I will display your scores from highest to lowest.

<The screen displays that Pen is at first>

Pen: Yeah, still at the top!

<The screen displays other contestants' scores except for Spongy's score>

Spongy: Aww, What about me?

Announcer: In the Bread Loaf contest, you got 38 loaves of bread, so your score is 38.

<The screen displays Spongy's score>

Announcer: Last episode ,our screen was acting strangely. I think we've got it all figured out now.

Leafy: Sorry, I forgot. So who is gonna be up for elimination?

Announcer: Well, at the end of this episode, the 4 people with the lowest scores will be up for elimination.

Leafy: Well, I would not like to fall on to the Bottom 4.

Announcer: No, you would not. Having said, who wants 15 bonus points?

<Everyone thumbs up, meaning they want to get the 15 bonus points>

<The Announcer shows his marble collection>

Announcer: Here's my marble collection.

<The Announcer pours the marbles into the vat of hydrochloric acid>

Announcer: You'll get 15 points if manage to retrieve it in this 10 foot deep vat of hydrochloric acid.

<All the recommended characters for this episode and some of the contestants show up. They try to retrieve the marbles by walking into the vat but they get dissolved after stepping on it>

Tennis Ball: Good thing I have my magnet!

<His magnet attracts the marbles>

Announcer: Tennis Ball gets the 15 points.

<The screen shows that Tennis Ball's score increases from 25 to 40>

Tennis Ball: Yay!

Announcer: Moving on, I want to make BFDI as fair as possible. I think that armless people have a disadvantage, so they get 10 sympathy points.

<The 4 armless people cheer>

<The screen shows the scores of these armless people are added by 10, changing their positions on the screen>

<Eraser tries to cut his arm by a knife>

Leafy: Don't even think about it, Eraser.

Announcer: Time for the fourteenth contest.

Pen: Which is?...

Eraser: Hey! That's my line!

Announcer: Jump over the hurdles. Every hurdle you jump over earns you 5 points. Go.

<The conveyer belt starts moving, the first hurdle is coming>

<Everyone except Eraser jump over it, Eraser gets knocked out.>

Announcer: If you fall like Eraser did, you're out of the challenge.

Pen: Oh no! The next one is even higher!

<The second hurdle comes, Firey and Pen are knocked out of the contest, the rest jumped over>

Leafy: So, how is it going, Spongy? Nice to be back?

Spongy: Yes.

<The third hurdle comes,Leafy and Spongy are knocked out,the rest jumped over>

Bubble: Oh noio! Look at the next one!

<The fourth hurdle is rushing, its going up and down. Blocky, Tennis Ball and Rocky jump over it.>

Bubble: Alliance Power!


<Bubble jumps over, Pencil jumps, but gets knocked out and Ice cube is also knocked out>

<Normal speed>

Bubble: Oh noio! Look at the next one!

<The fifth hurdle has a ball circling around and is connected to a rope on the Wall>

<Blocky and Bubble jump over it,Tennis Ball gets knocked out,and Rocky goes onto the ball and vomits, resulting in a spiral pattern>

Announcer: Spectacular vomit art!

Bubble: Oh noio! Look at the next one!

Blocky: That's enough, Bubble.

<The sixth hurdle has 2 razors on its top and bottom>

Blocky: Oh, maybe you have a point.

<Bubble tries to jump over it, but gets popped when she hit one of the razors>

Blocky: Ok, I give up.

<Blocky walks to the edge of the belt and fall down>

Announcer: And that's it. Now let's tally up the scores.

<The screen shows the scores and adds points earned from the hurdle contest, changing the contestants' positions on the screen>

<Ice Cube, Leafy, Eraser and Firey drop to the bottom 4>

Announcer: Ice Cube, Leafy, Eraser and Firey, you have fallen to the bottom 4. So the voting will be between the 4 of you.

Ice Cube, Leafy, Eraser and Firey: What?

Announcer: Voters, subscribers, viewers and everyone else out there, choose who do you think should be eliminated from the battle for Dream Island.

<Comment to vote! Voting period ends February 10.>

<Episode 15 will come out on March 1, 2011.>


[Coiny, Needle, Pin, Woody and Golf Ball talking in a basket of loaves of bread]

Coiny: Pin, how do we get out of here?

Pin: I don't know!

Coiny: Do you know how to get out, Needy?


*slaps* Don't call me Needy! But no!

Golf Ball: I disagree! [muffled speech]



Coiny: [in muffled voice] Shut it, Woody!


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