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HTwins Central (formerly known as TWOW Central) is the official Discord Server for anything related to the HTwins (Michael and Cary) such as BFB and Ten Words of Wisdom.

An invite with unlimited uses can be found here.

For people who were banned from the server, you can submit an appeal here.


Golf Ball Stub

"Guys, you're all thinking too small!" - Golf Ball
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Announcement channels


The first channel that welcomes new users and directs them to the official rules.


Channel where the staff creates important announcements regarding regarding new videos, potential release windows, etc.


Announcement channel that focuses more on less important announcements such as user prunes, server invites, rule changes, etc.

Discussion channels


Discussion channel focused on the discussion of Cary's work (e.g. TWOW)


Discussion channel focused on the discussion of Michael's work (e.g. BFDI, Bethreed).


A general discussion channel for topics not relating to the HTwins.


An off-topic channel dedicated to whatever isn't being discussed elsewhere. Advertisements go here.


A channel that only Ten Words of Wisdom alumni (or top 22 contestants) can access.


A locked channel that opens for a limited time during a new release of an episode (e.g. TWOW, BFDI). The name of the channel will change depending on the subject of the spoilers. 

Specialised channels


Channel dedicated to the discussion of the vote count for BFB. The channel name is subject to change depending on the current episode.


Channel regarding suggestions and overall discussion of the server as a whole.


For the posting of user-made at and fanart and the discussion of said art.


Channel for the playing of music through use of the server bot.


The ultimate channel for memes and other off topic content that can't fit into other channels.

Archived channels


A channel that was for serious discussion. Archived because HTC is not a valid provider of the sorts of help needed there.


A channel that lists users that are on watch for DM advertisements or multiple rule-breaking.

Staff only channels


A channel for people who are memelorded. The channel topic is a link to the video "Snail Time" by Bill Wurtz. Punishment in this channel will last until a set time has elapsed based off the punishment tier of the most recent offence.

Staff of HTwins Central


  • Tantusar#7831 (127373929600778240) (Owner)

Senior Moderators

  • QwerbyKing#1861 (164379304879194112)


  • hanss314#0128 (240995021208289280)
  • Bottersnike#3151 (161508165672763392)
  • Dunkel Blau 🔣🔣#0694 (243147633021943818)