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Comments10 Share (Huang is a website created by Michael and Cary Huang, the creators of Battle for Dream Island. It contains multiple games and features, including GTTTATINT (Get To The Top Although There Is No Top!), BFDIA 5B, Racing extreme, Tidepool, Scale of the universe 2 and other stuff like videos.


These are the interactivites used as science, and math.

Golf Ball Stub

"Guys, you're all thinking too small!"

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The Scale of the Universe

The Scale of the Universe differs into 2 modes, the old vesion and the new version.

On The Scale of the Universe 2, the activity has more objects on Quantum Foam thru the Universe. The meter we start on is the meter (10^0 meters). Otherwise, the scroll on the bottom is not directly on the center.  There might be little amounts of objects that are bigger than a meter, and many objects/atoms prior than a meter.

Yoctometer (10^-24 m)

The yoctometer is an 1 followed by 23 zeros and a point zero as the caboose. The neutrino is near to a yoctometer. As we go smaller, we see many circles, which there are smaller measurements than the yoctometer. If we go 0.0000000001 yoctometers we will see the quantum foam, the atomic string, and the Planck Length.

Zeptometer (10^-21 m)





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