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This article or section is outdated. Please help the wiki by updating it! (Huang is a website created by Michael and Cary Huang, the creators of Battle for Dream Island. It contains multiple games and features, including GTTTATINT (Get To The Top Although There Is No Top!), BFDIA 5b, Racing Extreme, Tidepool, Scale of the Universe 2, and other content, such as their early animations (eg. X Finds Out His Value) that were made before they started making Battle for Dream Island.


These are the interactivites/games that used science and math.

Timed Minesweeper

Time Minesweeper is a game on the website that allows players to play Minesweeper and its many variants. Upon entering, players have to type their name.



The Scale of the Universe

The Scale of the Universe is an interactivity that shows objects of various sizes from quantum foam to the universe. There is a slider on the bottom to navigate to the objects of different sizes. The sizes range from 1×10^-35 to 9.3×10^26 meters.

The Scale of the Universe 2

The Scale of the Universe 2 is a sequel to The Scale of the Universe. It has more objects than the previous version, has more languages, and there are info boxes for each object that appear when the object is clicked. The interactivity also has new graphics, a larger screen, and buttons for toggling the sound and music and changing the language. This interactivity was once featured on two Vsauce[1] videos[2].

Edit the Text

Edit the Text, as seen from its name, is a site made for editing a paragraph. 

Everyone can contribute the paragraph. It's simple and clear. It’s link is, and the editors allow users to add personal paragraphs. This can be done by adding a string of up to 4059 characters after the "/edit" with another slash, like (This already has been stated in the basic /edit paragraph)


See BFDIA 5b itself for more detailed information.

BFDIA 5b is a game made by HTwins. It takes place between 5a and 5c, and its purpose is to bridge the gap between the two episodes. It is based on FreeSmart's adventures inside Evil Leafy.

Elemental 3 

Elemental 3 is another game made by the Huang twins, based off the game Doodle God. In this game, players mix so-called elements to create more of them. There was a total of 8515 elements recorded before the game went offline to fix bugs, but when the game was active, it was known to have had about 10000.


The purpose of Unicrush is to crush some normal characters in the keyboard (qwerty and so on) to some special characters counted as one character. (ⅲ, ƕ etc.) This is usually used for crushing down long messages (tweets, etc.) to a shorter message.

Lefts, Rights and Wrongs

Upon clicking this on HTwins's site, it sends you to a video made by carykh; The Truth about 'Lefts, Rights and Wrongs. In that video, Cary Huang explains lefts, rights and wrongs. As been said, according to that video;

  • Wrong + Wrong = Right
  • Right + Right = Wrong
  • One Right = Three Lefts
  • One Left = Three Rights


See GTTTATINT for extra information.

GTTTATINT, also known as Get to the Top Although There Is No Top!, is another game made by HTwins. This game is so far one of the largest and longest ones, having one hundred different gameplay variations.

Goime 500

Goime 500 is another game made by HTwins, and the player's goal is to have all of the 500 achievements. The challenges are all simple and easy to obtain, such as trying to press WASD on the keyboard. Goime 500 has a very active speedrunning community.

Cube Roll

This game involves moving a cube on a plane, trying to get a certain side to line up with the end square.