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Gumballs are products shown in a commercial in episode 2 of Battle for Dream Island. It was shown after a bowling ball shattered Ice Cube while Leafy was sitting. It is the first commercial seen in BFDI.


Childish Voice (Presumably Yellow Face): Need a break from all the stress? Then eat our Gumball! It's only 70,000 payments (the number $70,000 comes up), of $70,000 (the number changes into $4,900,000,000)—each (7 gumballs appear, bring the total money up to $34,300,000,000). Call now (a phone is displayed), the number on your screen (screen displays a 2), now.


  • There is also a recommended character named Gumball, however that Gumball is blue.
  • Yellow Face looks different in this commercial, and his voice is different.
    • In fact, this could not be Yellow Face at all, as the differences from the two are too large.


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