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Grotatoes are a species of potatoes created by Tennis Ball. However, they only appeared in Welcome Back so far. They were made for Fries in order for him to make more fries for himself. They are modified to grow in locations such as Yoyle City, whereas normal potatoes can't grow in due to the low amount of sunlight.

Not much is known about Grotatoes, except for the fact that, according to Tennis Ball, they may have some side effects. Fries, however, does not care about any side effects because he's desperate to make Fries


Grotatoes appear to look like normal potatoes with purple (Yoyle) dashes on it.

They come in green-yellow packets including just seeds, as shown in the text below the title.


  • The appearance of a Grotato was revealed by Cary on the HTwins Central.
  • The Grotatoes must have worked, assuming BFB succeeds IDFB in the same timeline, because Fries has all of his fries back in BFB.