Fries' Grotato Farm is a location that was first mentioned and that appeared in Welcome Back.

In the episode, Fries was seen working on the farm, loosening the soil.

Pin and Coiny asked him if they could have some of them, but Fries wanted to keep them for himself to re-create the fries that were eaten, rotten away or were burnt.

The Grotatoes are revealed to be newly-grown on the farm as of Welcome Back.

In Getting Teardrop to Talk, Fries has more fries, which means that the Grotatoes have grown.


  • It is revealed by Fries that Grotatoes grow by a little less sunlight.
  • Fries said that the owner of the Grotatoes is Tennis Ball, which he recommended it for him. He states that they may have possible side effects, however he doesn't care because he was desperate.
    • Tennis Ball created the Grotatoes, as heard by Fries in the same episode.