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"Goiky Canal sides with Goiky. Mechanical Minds stick together."-TV
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The first contest is to build a boat, get in it and row it across the Goiky Canal. If you are the first to cross the line, your team wins. The other team loses and one of their members gets kicked out of the game.
— Announcer, Take The Plunge: Part 2

The Goiky Canal is a canal featured in Battle for Dream Island. It is a landmark in the greater location of Goiky that is over 500 miles wide.


It was featured in "Take the Plunge: Part 2" when the teams had to cross over it.

Flower was seen flying over it in Episode 2.

In Get Digging, in an attempt to go to Yoyleland to get Yoyleberries, Gelatin, Needle, and Puffball were crossing it on the way there.

In it, the Squishy Cherries' broken boat from Take the Plunge: Part 2 and Woody's corpse appear floating in the water.

In It's a Monster, the FreeSmarters went through the Goiky Canal by using the HPRC to recover dead members constantly, and throwing the dead bodies into the ocean. They finished crossing in The Long-lost Yoyle City.

In Total Firey Points, it was called the Pamana Canal, which is a misspelling of a real-life location, the Panama Canal.


  • The Goiky Canal is the second landmark ever mentioned in BFDI, preceded by Dream Island.
  • Real life canals cannot be 500 miles wide; those would be considered straits or seas.
  • It is unknown if the canal is man made or not.