This page shows the various recommended versions of Flower.

Flower's Brother

Flower's Brother is a recommended character recommended by Jusumoto in Episode 22, but appears in Episode 23.

His design is almost identical to that of Flower, but re-colored so that he would look angrier. He has blue petals and a red, angry-looking face. His arms are curved down, making him look even more aggressive.

Giant Flower

Giant Flower is a character recommended by EELEKTR0SS in Gardening Hero. It is a giant variation of Flower.


Gigantic Flower

Gigantic Flower is a recommended character that was recommended by PSA in The Reveal. It's a gigantic version of Flower that strikes an enraged pose. Nothing more other than that is known about this character.

Good Flower

Good Flower
Good Flower was in Zeeky Boogy Doog. She is a happier verison of Flower.

Nice Flower

Main article: Nice Flower

Violet Flower

Violet, or Violet flower is a recommended character who appeared in episode 17