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Episode Gallery Transcript
BFDIA 2 Get Digging11:20

BFDIA 2 Get Digging


Let's try to come up with a team name.


Please tell me you did not just say that.

Coiny: Why?


Coiny: Donut, we need a way to identify ourselves.

Donut: Whatever! <leaves>

<Pin, covered in ooze appears>

Coiny: Whoa! Pin, what happened?!


Last night, I got really nervous about being eliminated, so I got all sweaty!

Coiny: But this isn't sweat, it's ooze.

Pin: I know. Pins sweat ooze, not water.

Coiny: Weird. Anyway, got any team names?

Pin: Oh, let's call ourselves: The Coiny-Pin-Donut Bunch.

Coiny: Seriously? That's all you can come up with?

Pin: Well, what do you suggest?

Coiny: Something with a little more pizzaz. I've got it! I can roll like a wheel, you're covered in ooze and Donut's got a hole.

Pin: Uh, so what's our name?

Coiny: WHEEL OOZE A HOLE BUNCH! (We lose a whole bunch!)

Donut: Coiny!

Coiny: What?

Donut: This isn't funny.

Coiny: Well if you don't like it, you can go eliminate yourself.

<theme song plays>

<Ice Cube licks herself>


OMG Pence-Pence, did you see THAT!?


Yeah. Icy made an UGLY face!

Match: Icy's such a hideous menace.

Pencil: Icy, I can't look you straight in the face anymore.


Doy, doy, doy, doy, doy, doy, doy, doy ......... COIK AT STOIK!


TV, that was horrible.


Yeah! We deserve better than THAT!

TV: CAKE AT STAKES!!!!!!! CAKE AT STAKES!!!!!!!! (creepily)

Fries: Stop! That's not any better!

<infinite copies of Team No-Name's members laugh at W.O.A.H. Bunch>

Coiny: We're here!

<TV shows the results>

<Donut got 197 likes, Pin got 363 likes, Coiny got 448 likes>

Coiny: Yes!

Coiny: Let's see what my prize is.

<spins wheel and it lands on "Seeds">

Coiny: Sigh......

<TV show the dislike>

<Coiny got 153 dislikes, Pin got 252 dislikes, Donut got 573 dislikes>

<Pin and Coiny get cake>

Donut: No!

<Donut screams while he's flung to the TLC (Tiny Loser Chamber), before it gets sent to LOL (Locker of Losers)>

Pin: Now our team consists of only 2 members!

Coiny: Yeah. Someone better switch to our team or we're doomed.

Pin: Hey! Does anyone want to switch!?

<Team No-Name slowly backs away>

Coiny: Fine. If no one wants to switch, then we'll make them switch!!!

Pin: Let's take Teardrop!

Coiny: Why her?

Pin: Because she's my best friend!!

Coiny: How do you know?

Pin: She's the only one who hasn't said she hates me!!

<Coiny unimpressed with Pin>

Coiny: Well, let's take her and get out of here.



<Book walks over>

Book: Teardrop will ONLY switch if she wants to switch!

Coiny: Fine. Teardrop, if you refuse, we'll let you go back. Otherwise, YOU'RE MINE!!!!!!!!

<Dramatic music plays with flashbacks>

<Pin and Coiny drag Teardrop away>

Book: I can't believe they just did that!

Fries: Whatever. Teardrop wasn't much a LEADER anyway.

Fries: Let's just get to the contest!

<Gelatin spins the wheel, and it lands on "Make yoylestew">

Fries: Well, get digging Bomby! The ingredients are probably underground.

<Bomby digs>

{Dia|GB|So how are we going to do this?}}


Yeah, we need yoyleberries for yoylestew.


And the nearest yoyleberries are in Yoyleland! Which is 2,763 miles away!

Firey: It'll take months of walking.

Golf Ball: But only DAYS of FLYING.

Firey: Flying!? But nobody here can fly!

<Puffball appears growing behind Firey, angry>

Golf Ball: Uh... turn around.

<Firey does so, only resulting in him screaming while he sets Puffball on fire>

Golf Ball: Spongy, Gelatin, Book, Needle, and Ice Cube. You can all ride Puffball to Yoyleland! Bring back LOTS of yoyleberries!

Pencil: But if you guys EVER, come across a wild Leafy (possibly referring to Evil Leafy), get away fast as possible!!

Golf Ball: Yeah. Listen to Pencil! Now go.

<Puffball flies away>

Golf Ball: As for the rest of us, we need to put together the other ingredients for the stew.


So were do we START!?


Well, we need a bowl, and bigger is BETTER.

Match: Is MY bowl big enough?

Nickel: Heh, nowhere near. But mine is!

Golf Ball: Guys, you're all thinking too small! If we want a big bowl, we must build it ourselves!! I've drawn were the base of the bowl should go.

Golf Ball: Hmm.... Nickel, Yellow Face, Firey, Dora and Rocky, you build the bowl. Ruby, Fries, Match and Pencil, you get the ingredients.

Fries: You didn't assign YOURSELF a job!

Golf Ball: I'm "team manager"!

Fries: Great excuse!

Golf Ball: This isn't an excuse, it's a very necessary and demanding job!

<Golf Ball walks away>

Fries: Yeah lets see what you say when you get kicked off.

<points at TB>

Fries: And what about you!?

Tennis Ball: Uh... co-manager.

Fries: Whatever... Get digging Dora, the ingredients are probably underground.

<Dora sing with "PERFECT" spanish>

Coiny: Well, we're doomed. We've got no yoyleberries, or flying puffballs.

Pin: Let me see those seeds you got as a prize.

<Coiny grabs the seeds and give them to Pin>

Pin: Yup. They're yoyleseeds. Just plant them, and they'll grow in yoyleberries in seconds!

Coiny: Seconds?

<Coiny plants the seeds, and a few seconds later, get whacked by the yoylebush>

Gelatin: There isn't enough room up here.

<Spongy, Book, and Ice Cube get thrown off of Puffball and fall in a forest>

Gelatin: That's better!



<The three landed on the forest>

Book: Huh?

<Evil Leafy appears, the three scream, and Evil Leafy chases the 3 repeatedly>

<Book, and Ice Cube crack a bridge which Spongy falls to a bed of spikes>

<Book saves Spongy>

Book: Sigh..... That, That's a relief. Now that bridge is broken, Evil Leafy can't cross! We should be saf-

<Evil Leafy moves while standing still and chases them once again>

<Spongy gets tired and falls over, while Evil Leafy possesses him>


Yellow Face: Need to kill someone right away? Then buy our-

Golf Ball: Yellow Face, we don't have time for ads! You should be building our bowl!

<looks at Book and Ice Cube>

Golf Ball: And you two should be going to Yoyleland!

Book: We fell into a forest, and Evil Leafy chased us out. Spongy was with us, but Evil Leafy captured him!

Match: Yes!

Golf Ball: Match! Not nice! He was our teammate!

Match: Listen. I had to deal with Spongy for over like 17,000,000 years, and it's such a relief to finally see him gone!

<Pin squishes yoyleberries>

Pin: Viola! Done!

Coiny: Yes! Hi-five!

<Teardrop gets in the way>

Coiny: Teardrop, that Hi-Five wasn't for you.

Pin: Yeah TD! Everyone knows you aren't a real contestant!

<Puffball flies to a series of objects and backgrounds and into Yoyleland>


We're here!

Gelatin: Sounds good. Needle, let's get yoyleberries!

Needle: Yeah!

Match: Ruby, wanna join our alliance?


But what about Bubble!? Isn't she in your alliance!?

Pencil: Sadly, she's dead.

Ruby: And Ice Cube!?

Match: Well, Ice Cube made an ugly face and like, real like that.

Ruby: Then I'll join!!

Pencil: Yeah!

Fries: Get digging Nickel, the ingredients are probably underground.

<Nickel digs>

<Needle picks the berries when suddenly, Leafy appears metal>


I'm glad that I'm not too needy.

<Needle slaps Leafy>


Leafy: GRRR!!

<grabs knife>

Needle: -y

<Leafy starts throwing multiple knives>

Gelatin: Why did you do that, Needle?

Needle: I didn't mean to!

Gelatin: It's okay. I got acid spitballs. one hit and Leafy will disintegrate into ash!

Needle: Fire!

Leafy: HUH?

<Leafy uses her amazing dodging skills>

Leafy: GRRRRRR!!!

<Leafy throws more knives> (Gelatin: What's with the knives?)

Puffball: I think we've got enough yoyleberries! Let's GOOOOOOOOO! (Needle: But.)

<Puffball flies away into the same objects and backgrounds from the knives>

Fries: Get digging Rocky, the ingredients are probably um... uh, UNDERGROUND!

<Rocky digs>

Match: OMG!! I've got an idea! Let's blow bubbles, to bring Bubble back to life!!!!

Pencil: YEAH!!! I've got my bubble solution and blowing wand so let's do it!!!

Match: OMG!! We can have our original alliance back!!!

Ruby: Huh, WAIT!!!

Pencil: What?

Ruby: Dipping your wands, and blowing a bubble is so much work right?

Pencil: Uh, no! It's not.

Ruby: And for what? A friend that you did fine without, when they can't even count to 3! Totally not worth it.

Pencil: I think it's worth a try!

Ruby: Please, you've got better things to do.

Pencil: You're being weird, Ruby.

Ruby: Just trying to save our friend from wasting her effort on things she doesn't need. Heh heh.

Golf Ball: Good. You're back.

<Leafy's knives cause a leak in the stew>

<Gelatin and Needle pour the berries>

Golf Ball: We're almost done!

Fries: Get digging Yellow Face, the ingredients are probably down there.

<Yellow Face digs>

Golf Ball: I think we're done with this stew.

W.O.A.H. Bunch wins! W.O.A.H. Bunch, your stew was sweet and simple.

Team No-Name loses. Team No-Name, your stew tasted a bit sharp. You also went overboard with both quantity and ingredients.

Top 25 Recommended characters are shown.


<Fries looking at the 5 holes the digging characters made>

Fries: Um.... you guys can stop.

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