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"According to my research, Gelatin's Steakhouse does a lot more than that!"
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Reason: Appeared once and Unknown location
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Gelatin's Steakhouse is a restaurant, most likely a steakhouse, that Gelatin apparently owns.

It only appeared once in Get in the Van when Leafy asked if there was anywhere to eat. Bubble suggested it, but she added the fact that Gelatin was dead. It was never mentioned or seen again.

Gelatin’s Steakhouse is very realistic, drawn in an art style completely different from the rest of BFDIA. It is a black building with a grey roof and a neon sign that reads "Gelatin’s Steakhouse," which is next to a glowing picture of Gelatin smiling. The smile was replaced with a frown when Bubble said that Gelatin was dead.

The exact location of Gelatin's Steakhouse currently unknown, although it’s likely somewhere in Goiky.