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"Golf Ball sounds like a boy, even though she's a girl, and that's just... WRONG!" - Pen

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Gaty is one of the recommended characters in Episode 20 who had the opportunity to join Battle for Dream Island Again. However, with only 54 out of 15,532 votes, Gaty ranked 55th place and did not join BFDIA.

In Welcome Back, Gaty is seen in the TLC with a new design. Instead of a fence-like gate, Gaty is now shaped like a picket gate, colored lavender and lilac along with gold hinges.

Gaty has a chance of joining IDFB in the future.


Gaty appears to be a picket gate.



  • Gaty is brown.
  • Gaty is a fence gate.
  • Gaty has a board across their middle.
  • Gaty has 2 boards on their top and bottom.
  • Gaty's top part of the top board is designed.
  • Gaty's face is smaller.


  • Gaty has a larger face.


  • Gaty is periwinkle and light lavender.
  • Gaty has hinges.
  • Gaty is smaller.
  • Gaty is a picket gate.


BFDI Contestants


BFDIA Contestants

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