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This page is focused on the relationship between Flower and Blocky. There aren't many interactions seen between these two because Flower was the first to be eliminated.

Episodes suggesting a friendship

In Take the Plunge: Part 2, Flower asks Snowball to beat up Bubble because he is "strong", but he refuses to. He then whispers to Coiny and Blocky that " Flower is starting to really get on my nerves". After hearing that Flower wants Bubble to be beaten up, Blocky accepts the request and starts chasing Bubble, while Flower starts cheering, saying "Go Blocky!

In Reveal Novum, after seeing the eliminated players complain about being eliminated and make plans for escaping, Flower says "You think you've seen anything? I've been in here for 16 months! I want out now!" and proceeds to jump onto Blocky, screaming while attempting to open the TLC's lid.

Episodes suggesting a conflict

In Take the Plunge: Part 1, Blocky kicks Flower off of the balance beam.

In Reveal Novum, after Flower jumped on Blocky he looked unhappy about it.

In Return of the Hang Glider, when Flower starts throwing recovery centers into the incinerator, Blocky looks to be against it. Blocky was in the crowd of people telling Flower to stop. After Flower popped Bubble, Blocky gasped, along with the others. When Flower was crushed by the UFO, Match and the others except for Woody (due him being dead) came out of it, and when Pen said that the UFO had crushed someone, Match asked who was it, and Blocky replied "It's Flower". After Match happily said "Well that's good then!", she and Blocky high-fived, probably showing that Blocky was happy about Flower dying.


Flower and Blocky could be neutral to each other at the beginning of the show, but in the later episodes, especially when Flower started throwing recovery centers into the incinerator in the last episode, Blocky's thoughts for her have turned negative. They might even become enemies after that, since Blocky's pranks are based on recovery centers, which as mentioned, she had destroyed.