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Will be eliminated!
— Flower Speaker Box, Don't Pierce My Flesh and Hurtful!

Flower Speaker Box is a speaker box created by Flower. She is featured after the Announcer got flattened by Spongy.

She has every same detail as Flower as it was made by her for one purpose: to let Flower win the show. There was a debate between who's speaker box should be used, before settling down for using both.

She was the host along with Firey Speaker Box for Episode 22.

She was killed by a bowling ball that Flower threw at Firey Speaker Box (but he dodged it) in Episode 23.


  • Flower Speaker Box had the shortest lifespan of all of the hosts.
  • Flower Speaker Box sounds just like Flower.
  • She is one of the two speaker boxes to die forever.
  • She is the only host to not make an appearance in BFDIA.


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