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This is the list of the 20 first ever voters for each characters in BFDI.

  1. Flower: jaysillyboy
  2. Spongy: jaysillyboy
  3. Blocky: VivaPinata0407
  4. Woody: losmmorpg
  5. Pin: muumuucui
  6. Needle: Supercrash1221
  7. Teardrop: yumyumhappyfishtails
  8. Golf Ball: Unknown. First known Golf Ball voter: laurasusanoosterhof
  9. Coiny: TotalPokeDramaFan
  10. Snowball: numbuh53
  11. Match: asmanwoks
  12. Eraser: hoppieeatpie
  13. Pen: Unknown. First known Pen voter: kirbygirlz
  14. Tennis Ball: Unknown. First known Tennis Ball voter: kirbygirlz
  15. Pencil: englishcreamcakes
  16. Ice Cube: losmmorpg (oddball)
  17. Rocky: cherryhill420
  18. Bubble: ArtOfLiving123
  19. Leafy: spakwee
  20. Firey: losmmorpg

The First Ever Vote.

Of all these voters, losmmorpg has been the first voter the most times, at three first votes: Woody, Ice Cube, and Firey. He only got mentioned for Ice Cube though.


  • Pencil is the last one to have a first voter, being Englishcreamcakes in The Reveal.

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