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"Guys, you're all thinking too small!"

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This is a list of the first lines spoken by the contestants. Some characters have not spoken yet, and are marked with "(Has not spoken)".

First Lines

  • 8-Ball - "I don't have a favorite number, I really don't." (The Reveal)
  • Balloony - "Flower, what have you done?" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Barf Bag - "Uh, guys?" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Basketball - "Tennis balls aren't the only ones with lines." (The Reveal)
  • Bell - "WEEEEE!!!" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Black Hole - "Mm, I dunno, that sounds like a bad idea, for me to do that." (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Blocky - "Fine! I'll get Needle!" (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Bomby - "Oh no, Firey, you lit my fuse!" (Lofty)
  • Book - "I'm a dictionary and you better believe it!" (The Reveal)
  • Bottle - "That's a very large stack of forks, Gelatin!" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Bracelety - "Yeah! Go Ice Cube! You can do it!" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Bubble - "Ummm... Yeah?" (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Cake - "Oh my gosh, I won!" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Coiny - "Oh my gosh Firey, you're so easy to slap!" (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Clock - "Watches are wannabes." (The Reveal)
  • Cloudy - "Hey, my window!" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • David - "Yeah?" (Vomitaco)
  • Donut - "Hey! Our team's smaller than the other one!" (Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know)
  • Dora - "Mi nombre es Dora y necesito la isla muy mal porque me alimento en las islas." ("My name's Dora and I need the island very badly because I feed on Islands.") (The Reveal)
  • Eggy - "Gosh, those people sure want to get you to talk, huh?" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Eraser - "I can't believe how much of a scaredy cat Woody is, he's so uncool." (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Evil Leafy - (Has not spoken)
  • Fanny - "I hate you!" (The Reveal)
  • Firey - "Coiny, you're so dumb!" (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Firey Jr. - "Hey, Spongy can my friend Bomby and I join your team?" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Flower - "Ice Cube, don't you think I look beautiful?" (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Foldy - "Hey, Tennis Ball." (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Fries - "Get away, I can't stand your cover." (Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know)
  • Gaty - "Hmm. Let me think about it."
  • Gelatin - "So who's the host going to be?" (Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know)
  • Golf Ball - "Firey! Coiny! stop fighting!" (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Grassy - "I agree!" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Ice Cube - "Um...No?" (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Leafy - "Woody get up! There's a life out there to enjoy so, enjoy it!" (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Lightning - "Bubble's right! Why am I obeying these maniacs?" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Liy - "Tree!" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Lollipop - "Of course you didn't" (Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know)
  • Loser - "Stoooooooooop!" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Marker - "I have a tattoo." (The Reveal)
  • Match - "Yeah, I know, she was so surprised!" (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Naily - "No." (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Needle - "Woah!" (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Nickel - "I'm the new Coiny!" (The Reveal)
  • Nonexisty - (Has not spoken)
  • Pen - "So are you, Eraser!" (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Pencil - "Really?" (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Pin - "Oh, it's not my fault, it's this stupid Blocky here, it's his fault!" (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Pie - "Whatever, you win some you lose some" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Pillow - "Oh! You mean this gesture?" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Puffball - "Yeah, who? I wanna know!" (Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know)
  • Remote - "Oh my gosh!" (Don't Lose Your Marbles)
  • Rocky - "Wha? Hi, SB!" (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Robot Flower - "Vote for me or i'll crush you!" (The Reveal)
  • Roboty - "-... ..-. -.. .." ("BFDI") (The Reveal)
  • Ruby - "Please! Please! Please! Can I join the game? Please!" (The Reveal)
  • Saw - "Blocky, put me down!" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Snowball - "Rocky, wake up!" (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Spongy - "Suhry." (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Stapy - "Yeah!" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Taco - "Can you leave now?" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • Teardrop - (Has not spoken)
  • Tennis Ball - "Teardrop! Calm down!" (Take the Plunge: Part 1)
  • Tree - "Loser! Say hi to me!" (Getting Teardrop to Talk)
  • TV - "Dadadadadadadada Cake at Stake!" (The Reveal)
  • Woody - "Leaveh...!" (Return of the Hang Glider)
  • Yellow Face - "Ya want skin that's smooth and soft?" (Puzzling Mysteries)

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