Ice Cube

This article focuses on the interaction between Firey and Ice Cube.

Episodes suggesting a friendship

  • In Cycle of Life, Ice Cube said Firey was a fast runner.
  • In The Reveal, Firey clapped for Ice Cube for getting a reward for the fewest votes (5 votes total).

Episodes suggesting a conflict

  • In Barriers and Pitfalls, Firey said literally any form of water was too dangerous to handle. Pictures of Snowball, Teardrop, and Ice Cube appeared, with the result being him exploded.
  • In Bowling, Now with Explosions!, Firey lowered Ice Cube's points by 100 since she was his opposite.
  • In Reveal Novum, Firey voted for Ice Cube for being his opposite.


  • Both were first-voted by the same person (LOSMMORPG).

Status: Neutral

Additional Pictures

Firey burns Icecube