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Ever since the first episode, Firey and Coiny have always been the main adversaries in BFDI(A). They are archenemies.

Episodes suggesting a conflict

In Season 1, Firey slapped Coiny 246 times. In Season 2, Firey and Coiny had not yet slapped each other.

Firey and Coiny are constantly fighting, and in most episodes when they are seen interacting, they usually fight. Their way of fighting is slapping each other (seen above).

In Take the Plunge: Part 1, while standing on Spongy, Firey angrily replies to Coiny that he is dumb. In response, he slaps back and replies that he is easy to slap, then slaps multiple times, before being stopped by Golf Ball.

In Don't Lose Your Marbles, Firey says that he is so use to slapping Coiny, that he still has to do it.

In Insectophobe's Nightmare, Firey had to be in Another Name because Snowball was better friends with Blocky than Firey. In episodes 10 and 11, they slapped each other the most times.

138px-Coiny and Firey -Episodes 1-24-

Coiny and Firey mad at each other.

In A Leg Up in the Race, Coiny was eliminated. Since that episode, Coiny has made a few cameos: In The Glistening, Coiny votes for Firey to be eliminated, and Firey tries to slap him, but fails. In Hurtful!, Metal Firey was slapped by Invisible Coiny. In Return of the Hang Glider, Coiny votes for Leafy, and said he would be upset if Firey won Dream Island. When Firey won, Coiny fainted.

In Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know, after the newbies left Donut's team, Coiny switched to Donut's team as Firey attempts to slap him.

In No More Snow!, Coiny insults Firey Speaker Box because Firey created it.

Episodes suggesting a friendship

Coiny and Firey

Coiny and Firey as friends.

In Return of the Hang Glider, Coiny fainted when Firey had won. However, Firey let him onto Dream Island when he threatened him to let him on and explained why. And when Blocky comments on how "that was the first time Firey and Coiny agreed without fighting", they hug because they both agree that Flower should stop from destroying all recovery centers. However, in Season 2, they seem to be enemies again (see above). Despite this, the tensions between the two seem to be calmed to an extent. They don't get into slap fights at all anymore, and while they express anger for each other, neither of the two goes to major extremes to do so.

In BFDI Is Back, Firey and Coiny seemed to become good friends with each other, since they never had an argument with each other since the beginning and end of the episode. Firey even apologized to Coiny while slapping him and Coiny on the other hand, never was hostile to Firey anymore. But this is mostly non-canon, meaning they probably will get in a fight again when BFDI is resumed.

In Welcome Back, they did not slap each other. This is because Firey was trapped in FreeSmart's cage.


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