Vote on all of them!
— Firey Speaker Box, The Long-lost Yoyle City

Firey Speaker Box was a replacement host speaker box created by Firey. He was created after the original Announcer got crushed by Spongy, and he hosted episode 22 along with Flower Speaker Box.

He is the host of Battle for Dream Island Again after the events of Get in the Van when the Puffball Speaker Box got stabbed by Pin.

In IDFB, the Firey Speaker Box has disappeared. The reasons are yet to be revealed.

He appears in BFB 8, however he is chopped up into little pieces for the prize during Cake At Stake, most likely as revenge for what happened in Get in the Van.


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"Well, yeah, but like, Firey Speaker Box is already infinitely small, being a singularity-" - Black Hole

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In Get in the Van, when Firey Speaker Box asks "got it?" Book responds "yup!"

In The Long-lost Yoyle City, Book argues with the Firey Speaker about whether or not they are at the summit.


In Don't Pierce My FleshBubble expresses worry over the replacement of the TV with a tub. She tells Firey Speaker Box that the way he says "budget cuts" just isn't the same as Announcer. Firey Speaker prefers to call Bubble "Metal Ball." As a reward for making it to the final five, Firey Speaker gives Bubble, Leafy, Firey, Spongy, and Flower all houses. Bubble votes for Firey Speaker's contest over Flower Speaker's contest.

In Get in the Van, Firey Speaker Box plucks Bubble from FreeSmart, telling her "you're not supposed to be here either!" Match helps her with a disguise and Firey Speaker totally buys it, apologizing and letting her pass.


In The Long-lost Yoyle City, Firey Speaker Box catches Bubble at the summit of Yoyle Mountain. Bubble tries to pretend to be a tree, but her act is unconvincing. It should be noted that in this episode, Firey Speaker addresses Bubble as "Bubble" despite the fact that she's metal. At the end of the episode, Firey Speaker flings Bubble off somewhere.



In No More Snow!, when Firey Speaker Box is not surprised, Coiny yells at him, calling him stupid, because Firey made him.

In It's a Monster, Coiny wants to know why Firey Speaker Box didn't tell them about the self-destruct function of the HPHPRCC.


  • Questions Answered: Chopped into 7 pieces by Donut for revenge from BFDIA 5a where Firey Speaker Box chopped Donut into 18 pieces as cake for Cake At Stake.


  • He appears to be fireproof, as we see in Get in the Van, Firey took him out from within his flames.
  • He is the first speaker box to host in two seasons, as the Flower Speaker Box and the Announcer only appeared in Season 1, and the Puffball Speaker Box only appeared in Season 2.
  • He is the second person to kill someone off-screen because another contestant died off-screen without being killed. (Woody died from a heart attack). The other is Fries, who ate Spongy.
    • Ironically, he is the first host to be killed offscreen, in Questions Answered, by Donut. So it appears Donut retaliated.



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