Vote on all of them!
— Firey Speaker Box, The Long-lost Yoyle City

The Firey Speaker Box is a replacement speaker box created by Firey. He is created after the original Announcer got crushed by Spongy, and hosts episode 22 along with Flower Speaker Box.

He is the host of Battle for Dream Island Again after the events of Get in the Van, when the Puffball Speaker Box got stabbed by Pin.

In IDFB, the Firey Speaker Box has disappeared. The reasons are yet to be revealed. However, in Coming Thursday, he is dunked into water by Firey.


  • He appears to be fireproof, as in Get in the Van, Firey took him out from within his flames.
  • He is the first speaker box to host in two seasons, as the Flower Speaker Box and the Announcer only appeared in Season 1, and the Puffball Speaker Box only appeared in Season 2.
  • He is the second person to kill someone off-screen because another contestant died off-screen without being killed. (Woody died from a heart attack). The other is Fries, who ate Spongy.
  • Curiously, while Leafy is Firey's friend, Leafy is Firey Speaker Box's enemy.
    • However, one time at elimination, he calls Leafy "also awesome" after calling Firey the same thing.


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