Firey's Candy Bar Adventure is the first ever BFDI game, before BFDI. It is available at It is a point and click game that is still in development, but is not actually being worked on.


The game begins with Firey finding a "HIMSHEY'S" candy bar that is left on the grass. Firey tries to open it, but has difficulty taking the wrapper off. The player has to go through the game and has to choose lots of different options to try and open Firey's candy bar.

The only options are (options that lead to existing options do not count):

Firey tries to eat the candy bar with the wrapper on, but fails to do so.
Firey tries unwrap his candy bar, but because of tight wrapping, he fails to do so.
Find Match
Firey tries to look for Match to help him open his candy bar. She could be at the mountain, bank, or pond. However, in the current version, you can only go the the mountain.
Firey tries to climb a mountain to find Match, but he runs into a boulder causing it to start rolling down as Firey runs away from it. Because this is unfinished, the rolling boulder stops rotating and the mountain stops scrolling and Firey is still running with his eyes closed. After about 25 seconds, the player is redirected back to the title screen.


    → → → → → → → ↓ ← ← ← ←
    ↑             ↓       ↑
    ↑      PLAY → Eat! → Try Again 
    ↑       ↓      ↓
Give Up ← Unwrap  ←           ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ←
& Eat     ↑ ↓  ↑             ↓      ↓         ↑
          ↑ ↓→ Try Again   Pond   Bank   Mountains
Lose Temper←↓                ↑     ↑         ↑ 
            → → Find Match → → → → → → → → → ↑


  • This is the only BFDI game to feature Firey's oldest assets and other older assets.
  • The boulder at the mountain is a re-textured version of the old asset of Snowball.
  • This game features Firey's oldest voice.
  • The Himshey's bar is a pun to "her" part of the real-life Hershey's bar.
  • There is an unofficial finished version of the game created by Daniel Xnabber. If you want to play it, click here.
  • This is the very first BFDI game. It came before BFDIA 5b and Woody's Incredible Journey to the Escape from Eternal Terror.
  • GOOF: When Firey is trying to open the bar of Himshey's, he sweats but water is Firey's enemy.


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