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"Golf Ball sounds like a boy, even though she's a girl, and that's just... WRONG!"

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I hate you!
— Fanny, The Reveal

Fanny is one of the 30 recommended characters who could have joined BFDI, and also had a chance to join BFDIA, but failed both times.


Fanny appears to be an electronic desk fan.



  • Fanny has arms and legs.
  • Fanny is gray.
  • Fanny is a floating fan.
  • Fanny doesn't spin.


  • Fanny is yellow.
  • Fanny loses their limbs.
  • Fanny's asset is the fan on the Ice Cube Recovery Center Creator and the Master Recovery Center.
  • Fanny has a more rugged spin.


  • Fanny gains legs.
  • Fanny is a desk fan.
  • Fanny has a base.
  • Fanny is blue with a gray cover.
  • Fanny has a more fluid spin.


In The Reveal, Fanny was one of the 30 recommended characters who have the chance to join, with the campaign statement "I hate you!"

In Reveal Novum, Fanny only received 10 of the 450 votes (2.2% of all of the votes) and is sent flying into the Locker of Losers. When Bell and Cloudy get eliminated, Fanny blows them away.

In Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know, Fanny once again has the chance to join BFDIA, but with only 153 votes, only placed 30th and was flung to the Locker of Losers.

Fanny is one of the characters who the viewers can vote for to be freed from the LOL in Welcome Back. Fanny's appearance has been changed from a mechanical-like fan to an electric fan, and is also given legs in the new design.


This section is a work in progress; due to Fanny's minor character status, sections will be filled in when they appear on other characters' pages.


In Reveal Novum, Book's definition of Fanny says:

Fanny - Uses blades that chop the air to create an uneven air flow. Not very comfortable.



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