"Evil Canyon, do you have Dream Island?"

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Coiny, the canyon!

Evil Canyon is a location in the Evil Forest, composed of two cliffs. There was a shred of land connecting the two cliffs, but it was destroyed by Spongy in Get Digging.

There are spikes at the bottom of the canyon.


In Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know, Leafy gets to the Evil Canyon for the first time while in hot pursuit by several of the contestants.

In Get Digging, Spongy, Ice Cube and Book ran over it while running to escape Evil Leafy, but as Spongy is too fat, he destroyed the shred of land connecting the cliffs in the process.

In Get in the Van, Tennis Ball, Golf Ball and Rocky falls into the Evil Forest after being thrown away from Puffball by Gelatin. They are chased by Evil Leafy. Meanwhile the FreeSmart Van encounters the cliff from the other side and jumps over it, then crashes into TB, GB and Rocky. Evil Leafy eats all of them.

In No More Snow!, the W.O.A.H. Bunch members (except Pin, who was dead) fell into the canyon. They threw Spongy to the spikes and stood up on his body, and four of them escaped by calling Needle "Needy" and getting slapped out of the canyon. Needle and Spongy were then killed when Yellow Face threw a flamethrower down to ignite them.


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