This is the page showing the interactions with Teardrop and everyone else in BFDI, BFDIA, and BFB (she was imprisoned in the Locker of Losers in IDFB).

Teardrop 10

Teardrop's silence causes her connections with the other characters to be mostly unclear. However, other contestants have made friendships with her by expressing it with their voice or their actions. She also does perform well in contests, which also may contribute to her friendships.


In Take the Plunge when Leafy, Pin, and Teardrop are hanging on the ledge, Blocky shows up and tries to pull them up, but ends up falling off too, hanging with the three of them.

Status: Acquaintances


Teardrop and Book have barely interacted. The only times they did were when Book told Teardrop that she could switch to W.O.A.H. Bunch only if she wanted to and later.

They later interacted in BFB when Book invited TD to join her team, saying "It seems like the whole world is against you, but I'm on your side."

Status: Friends


In Crybaby!, Bubble chose Teardrop since she was "smarter than a Snowball".

Status: Acquaintances


In Bridge Crossing, Coiny asks Snowball about Teardrop and reminds him that she can't talk.

In Get Digging, Coiny gets Teardrop to switch to WOAH Bunch by only presenting her with the option to speak up if she doesn't want to. Teardrop enters Coiny's and Pin's high-five, but is not welcome.

In Zeeky Boogy Doog, before Teardrop gets eliminated, Coiny asks her if she has any first words (since she usually doesn't speak).

Status: Enemies


In Crybaby!, Eraser chose Snowball instead of Teardrop, saying SB is "awesome".

Status: Minor Enemies


In The Glistening, Firey got voted to be eliminated by Teardrop. However, in the BFDI finale, Firey let Teardrop into Dream Island.

Status: Friends


In Take the Plunge, Flower called Teardrop stupid, commenting she never learned to talk. However, Flower wanted to high-five her when Flower rejoined in The Glistening, possibly hinting that they built a relationship while they were in the Tiny Loser Chamber. Although this may just be Flower being selfish, as she's done this before with other characters.

Status: Neutral (Possible one-sided relationship)


Teardrop and Leafy were good friends until the end of Season 1 when Leafy bought Dream Island.

In BFB, It is currently unknown if they are friends again or not.

Status: Neutral


In Crybaby, Match chose Teardrop for the same reason she choseBubble. In Zeeky Boogy Doog, Match said she wanted to be as well liked as Teardrop.

Status: Possible Friends


Pen voted for Snowball instead of Teardrop.

Status: Minor Enemies


Pin and Teardrop were shown to be good friends. In Take the Plunge: Part 1, Teardrop grabbed on to Pin's hand when she and Leafy knocked her off.

In Get Digging, Pin wanted Teardrop on her team because she was the only one who hadn't said she hated her.

In Zeeky Boogy Doog, Pin said Teardrop didn't need immunity because everyone loves her.

Status: Best Friends (possibly)


Pencil voted for Snowball in Crybaby!, but the rest of her Alliance did not.

Status: Minor Enemies


Snowball and Teardrop have shown little interaction. In Bridge Crossing, Snowball stated Teardrop was okay with him as long as she doesn't say anything bad about him. However, Teardrop shows little reaction, and barely eve interacts with him.

When Snowball tied her up along with the other Squashy Grapes in Insectophobe's Nightmare, she looked unhappy.

When Snowball and Teardrop were up for elimination in Crybaby!, he appeared angry at her.

Status: Neutral

Tennis Ball

TB told her to calm down when she kicked Woody, reminding her that he was made of balsa wood. They never interacted much after that.

Status: Friends


In Take the Plunge: Part 1, Teardrop kicked Woody when he showed strong feelings for Teardrop. They never interacted after that.

Status: Minor Enemies


In Zeeky Boogy Doog, upon being recovered, Teardrop ate Nickel because of the side effects.

Status: Possible Enemies.

Barf Bag

In Lick Your Way to Freedom after Team Ice Cube! frees Teardrop from a jawbreaker, Barf Bag says to Teardrop, "Don't worry! We're not gonna kill you or anything!" Teardrop then smiles and runs away. They haven't interacted after this yet.

Status: Neutral


In Getting Teardrop to Talk, Clock defends Teardrop when Liy and Ice Cube are trying to make her talk by telling them to cease the torment. However, after Teardrop chomps on Ice Cube's legs, Clock scolds Teardrop for it. Teardrop slaps both Clock and Liy, and then runs away.

Status: Enemies


In Getting Teardrop to Talk, Eggy approaches Teardrop after Liy and Ice Cube try to make her talk. She says she understands Teardrop, and says that there was a time when she (Eggy) never spoke. However, Eggy thinks that Teardrop doesn't care since she didn't say a word in response to her.

In the stinger in Today's Very Special Episode, Eggy sits down with Teardrop and talks to her for a while. This further pushes the character development between these two characters, and this development may been seen in future episodes.

Status: Friends


In Getting Teardrop to Talk, Lollipop tries to sell TD her Fork Repellent. Teardrop flutters her arms in excitement, implying that she wanted to buy some, but Lollipop interprets this as a lack of interest in what she has to say.

Status: Possible Enemies (one sided on Lollipop's side)