This is the page showing the interactions with Teardrop and everyone else in BFDI.

Teardrop 10

Teardrop's lack of speech makes her connection with the other characters unclear. But other contestants have a friendship with her by saying it or their actions. She also does perform well in contests, which also may contribute to her friendships.


Teardrop and Book have rarely interacted. The only time they did was when Book said Teardrop can switch only if she wants to.

Status: Minor Friends


In Crybaby!, Bubble chose Teardrop for her being "Smarter than Snowball"

Status: Minor Friends


In BFDI, they have shown little interaction. But in BFDIA, they were against each other. In Get Digging, when TD interrupted Coiny and Pin's high five, Coiny and Pin got mad. In Zeeky Boogy Doog, when TD was eliminated, Coiny asks Teardrop if she has "Any first words", when she gets launched, Coiny said that's what he thought.

Status: Enemies


Teardrop and Eraser have almost never interacted.

Status: Neutral


In The Glistening, Firey got voted to be eliminated by Teardrop. However, in the BFDI finale, Firey let Teardrop into Dream Island.

Status: Friends


In Take the Plunge, Flower called Teardrop stupid, commenting she never learned to talk. However, Flower wanted to high-five her when Flower rejoined in The Glistening.

Status: Neutral (Possible one-sided relationship)


Teardrop and Leafy actually were good friends, until Season 2 started when Leafy bought Dream Island.

Status: Enemies


Match likes TD. For example, in Crybaby, Match chose Teardrop for the same reason as Bubble. In Zeeky Boogy Doog, Match said she wanted to be as popular as Teardrop.

Status: Possible Friends


Pen voted for Snowball instead of Teardrop.

Status: Minor Enemies


Pencil voted for Snowball in Crybaby!, but the rest of her Alliance did not.

Status: Minor Enemies


Snowball and Teardrop have shown little interaction. In Bridge Crossing, he stated Teardrop was his friend. But Teardrop shows little interaction. When Snowball tied her up along with the other Squashy Grapes, she looked unhappy. Snowball and Teardrop were up for elimination in Crybaby!, he appeared angry at her.

Status: Neutral

Tennis Ball

TB told her to calm down when she kicked Woody, commenting he is balsa wood.

Status: Friends


Teardrop kicked Woody when showed feeling for Teardrop. But they never interacted after that.

Status: Minor Enemies/Friends (Possible love interest on Teardrop's side)


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