Due to Spongy's fatness and his smelliness, he isn't liked by a lot of characters. Here are the relationships of Spongy and the characters that interact with him the most in BFDI(A). 



In BFDIA, Spongy eventually went to join Coiny's team. In BFDIA 5c, Coiny tricked and killed Spongy in order to save the rest of the team.

Status: Neutral


Eraser doesn't like Spongy, as he stated in Take the Plunge: Part 1. Other than that, the two have very little interaction.

Status: Minor Enemies


Main article: Blocky and Spongy

In Take the Plunge: Part 2, Blocky said that he doesn't want Spongy to be on Squishy Cherries. However, he later picked Spongy due his sarcasm to Match.

Status: Minor Enemies


Rocky and Spongy seem to have a friendship in The Reveal, where both are happy to be on each other's team. They were both happy when they won. In Reveal Novum, Spongy and Rocky were seen talking to one another.

Status: Friends

Bubble, Pencil, Match

All 3 of them have shown dislike towards Spongy. Out of the three, Match seems to hate Spongy the most, as she's had to deal with him for "17 million years". Match on numerous occasions has wanted to play Spongy Cake, a game where you insult Spongy. Match and Pencil high fived each other when Spongy got eaten by Evil Leafy.

Status: Enemies

Golf Ball

In Take the Plunge: Part 1, GB told Spongy to take a bath and that he was stinky.

Status: Minor Enemies


Leafy asked how it was going for him in Episode 14, when he first rejoined. Spongy happily replied "Good", and then they have a small talk together.

In The Glistening, Leafy gave her immunity to Spongy, as she feels sad for burning him earlier, when she and the others were using him as a fuel to the ship going back to Earth.

In Return of the Hang Glider, Spongy voted for Leafy to win Dream Island. Spongy randomly disappeared in Episode 25, so it's unknown if he hates Leafy or not.

Status: Friends


Pin does not like Spongy, as stated in Take the Plunge: Part 2. She threw Spongy overboard in that episode. She voted for Spongy to be eliminated in Episode 21. In BFDIA 5, Pin told Spongy nobody cares about him.

Status: Enemies


Nickel told Spongy to zip it in BFDIA 5. Spongy sadly agreed to do so.

Status: Possible Enemies

Yellow Face

Yellow Face told Spongy to join their team. Spongy laughed, then happily agreed. Yellow Face happily killed Needle and Spongy in BFDIA, in order to revive them later so they could win.

Status: Minor Friends

Ice Cube

In Half a Loaf is Better Than Nonel when Spongy rejoined Ice Cube showed disgust when he rejoined.

In Reveal Novum, Spongy didn't vote for Ice Cube, however this could be a coincidence.

Status: Neutral

Barf Bag

In Getting Teardrop To Talk, Barf Bag asks if Spongy takes her seriously. Spongy said yes and they became friends. When choosing teams, Barf Bag joined Spongy's team.

Status: Friends