This page describes everyone's relations with Snowball.

As Snowball often gets angry and tends to get violent, so not a lot of objects get along with him well. He didn't joined BFDIA, so his interactions with everyone ended there.


Main article: Snowball and Coiny

Snowball said that Coiny is his friend in Bridge Crossing. The two of them were seen sitting together in Episode 9, talking about who will rejoin the show. However, when Coiny if he knows about this, Snowball yells at him.

Status: Friends

Tennis Ball

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 5.46.19 PM

When TB told SB to calm down in Bridge Crossing, SB threw TB off the cliff. When Tennis Ball fell off the stairs in Lofty, Snowball laughed. To further prove their hate towards one another, Tennis Ball, along with Bubble, Match, and Firey laughed at Snowball when he lost 18 points in Episode 12.

Status: Enemies


In Crybaby!, Eraser wanted Snowball to be on his team. However, an episode later, after SB pops Pencil's pink balloon, they argue about whether it is girly or manly. Overall, they had a good friendship.

Status: Friends


In Crybaby!, Pen wanted Snowball to be on his team since he's his a friend.

Status: Friends


Main article: Snowball and Blocky


Snowball was mad he was on Rocky's team in Power of Three because Rocky has no arms. He used Rocky as a projectile to hit Golf Ball in Bridge Crossing.

Status: Minor Enemies


Snowball puroposely popped Bubble with pencil shards in Episode 3. In Crybaby! Bubble said Snowball wasn't very smart, causing Snowball to be mad. In Don't Lose Your Marbles, Snowball was happy when he popped Bubble.

Status: Enemies


In Take the Plunge: Part 2, Snowball liked Needle until she said she liked Coiny more. After that, Snowball starts to behave aggressively toward her.

Status: Enemies


When Snowball threw Rocky in Bridge Crossing, it caused the bridge to fall, along with Bubble and Rocky. Pencil jumped off to save Bubble and Match went with her because she was in an alliance. Match was mad at Snowball for pushing her in Power of Three. In Crybaby! Match wanted Teardrop instead of Snowball on her team. In Episode 12, Match laughed at Snowball for losing 18 points.

Status: Enemies

Golf Ball

Golf Ball was pushed off the cliff by Snowball in Episode 1. Snowball then threw Golf Ball off the cliff in Bridge Crossing, because she said Snowball's brain is small, which makes him go though a flashback and go angry.

In Power of Three, Snowball was mad because Golf Ball was on his team.

In Lofty, Snowball chose Rocky to be on his team over Golf Ball.

Status: Enemies


Leafy and Snowball were neutral due to not much interactions until Leafy "stole" Dream Island.

Status: Enemies


Snowball and Teardrop have shown little interaction. In Bridge Crossing, he stated Teardrop was his friend. But Teardrop shows little interaction. When Snowball tied her up along with the other Squashy Grapes, she looked unhappy. Snowball and Teardrop were up for elimination in Crybaby!, he appeared angry at Teardrop. However, this may be because their idling pose.

Status: Neutral


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