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This page focuses on the interactions between Ruby and everyone.

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Book and Ruby are seen to be best friends since No More Snow!.

In No More Snow!, Book asked Ruby to press the purple button. Later, Ruby asked Book to cut the rope to crush Evil Leafy who's chasing them. Then they high-five.

In Welcome Back, Book recovered Ruby after Ruby killed herself by jumping down the Yoyle Needy.

Status: Best Friends


In Insectophobe's Nightmare 3, Bubble kicked Ruby, thinking she's not part of the alliance. Pencil explained to her that she is already part of the alliance. That's when she included her.

In Welcome Back, they ate gumdrops together on the Yoyle Needy.

Status: Friends


In Zeeky Boogy Doog, Ruby accidentally recovered Flower, but Gelatin immediately froze Flower with Freeze Juice and told Ruby, "Don't ever do that again".

Status: Enemies

Ice Cube

In Get in the Van, Pencil left GB's team, after refusing to swear an oath promising to always stay on her team. This causes a chain of event that resulted in Ruby, Book, and finally Ice Cube also leaving the team.

In No More Snow!, Ice Cube was the only one smiling when Ruby cries, though this was probably because of her idle pose.

In Welcome Back, Ruby told Ice Cube who was eliminated, which was Puffball with 1455 dislikes.

Status: Minor Friends


Main article: Pencil and Ruby

In Get Digging, Match and Pencil asked Ruby to join their alliance. So she agreed.

In No More Snow, Pencil yelled at Ruby to press the red button. This made Ruby cry painfully. So Pencil apologized to her for yelling.

In BFDIA 6 Deleted Scenes, Pencil allowed Ruby to enter the Clubhouse of Awesomeness, though she caused a lot of problems.

Status: Frienmies