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Rocky is not very popular among the other contestants, despite the fact that he barfs on other people a lot. Though a majority of other characters don't seem to care and is oblivious to the fact that he barfs on them. So to get to conclusion, Rocky does not have many friends, but he also doesn't have many enemies neither.


Fries and Rocky rarely interacted. The only time they interacted with each other is in BFDIA 5e, where Fries has to recover Rocky for the sake of their team.

Status: Neutral

Golf Ball

Golf Ball is annoyed by Rocky several times in the first season, mostly because of his disabilities, in which Golf Ball is quite competitive. In Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?, she yells at Rocky for not doing the test only because he's armless, and tell him to learn how to write with his legs. In Cycle of Life, when Rocky didn't run in the running challenge, Golf Ball angrily kicked him to the tree and back herself.

In BFDIA, Rocky and Golf Ball didn't have much of an enmity since in Get in the Van, Rocky agreed to never leave Team No-Name, meaning that they probably set a truce(?)

Status: Neutral


Despite being on the same team and was in the Final 6, Leafy and Rocky has little to none interactions with each other. In Reveal Novum, he and Spongy voted for Leafy to be eliminated, due to she being the only one with arms out of the three contestants up for elimination. However, Leafy doesn't seem to be mind too much for it. In Don't Lose Your Marbles, when Rocky was eliminated, Leafy feels sad for him and when Firey said that "Finally, no more vomit!", she said that it isn't very nice.

Status: Minor Friends

Tennis Ball

Main article: Rocky and Tennis Ball

Rocky and Tennis Ball are friends with each other. In Rescission, when Rocky can speak again, the first thing he speaks is "Hi Tennis Ball, my good ol' friend", indicating that they have been friends for a long time.

In Insectophobe's Nightmare, Tennis Ball is the first picked by Rocky on his team.

In Get in the Van, Tennis Ball wants Rocky to win the prize, so that he might have his barf back, as Tennis Ball thinks that is kinda cute.

TB and Rocky are currently on the same team in BFDIA.

Status: Good Friends


Spongy and Rocky rarely interacted, but when they do they are in a positive relationship with each other. In The Reveal Spongy and Rocky teamed up in the frisbee challenge and successfully won. In Reveal Novum, they both agreed to vote out Leafy; because of her arms.

Status: Minor Friends


Firey generally dislikes Rocky for his barfing issue.

In Lofty, Firey says Rocky has vomiting issues.

In Don't Pierce My Flesh, Rocky vomits on Firey's Speakerbox and Firey slaps him, then when Rocky gets eliminated Firey is happy.

In The Reveal, Firey calls Rocky and Spongy "The Gross Ones". Though in the finale, Firey let's Rocky inside of Dream Island.

Status: Enemies


Rocky and Teardrop have barely interacted, although in Take the Plunge: Part 1, she attempted to push Rocky off the beam but she fell in the water with him.

Status: Neutral

Tennis Ball

Main article: Rocky and Tennis Ball

Rocky seemed to have been friends with him in Take the Plunge: Part 1 when he called him his "good old friend."

Status: Friends

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