This page focuses on the interactions between Pen and everyone.


Blocky and Pen are great friends and frequently interact with each other throughout the show.

In Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?, Pen wished for Blocky to be safe from elimination. The same was also done in Sweet Tooth.

Status: Best Friends


In Sweet Tooth, short on one cent to buy a strawberry cake from Leafy, Pen asked if Coiny is considered a penny for them to use. Pen and Eraser forcibly took Coiny to buy the cake.

Status: Neutral


Main article: Pen and Eraser

In Take the Plunge: Part 1, Eraser said that Pen is cool, unlike Woody, who is a coward. Pen replies that he also thinks that Eraser is cool.

Status: Best Friends l


Due to Flower's early elimination, and her rejoining after Pen's elimination in BFDI, they've rarely interacted.

The only times they interacted was in Return of the Hang Glider, when Pen asked if Flower has stopped destroying the recovery centers, in which Flower replied "nope". After all the recovery centers are destroyed, a frustrated Pen questions if Flower knew the damage she had done.

Status: Minor Enemies

Golf Ball

Though Golf Ball and Pen hasn't interacted with others much, in Take the Plunge: Part 1, he agreed with Snowball that she's a bossy-bot.

Status: Neutral


Everyone chasing leafy

Pen and other contestants chasing Leafy

In Vomitaco, Pen asked Leafy why she made a large taco. Leafy replies that so she could lend to someone if they need help, for free. Pen said that he "got (himself) a servant", which angered Leafy, causing her to charge Pen a large amount of money for the taco. Leafy was infuriated when Pen actually had the money to pay. Later in the episode, Pen got smaller points because he cheated.

He, along with some other contestants, chased Leafy in the beginning of BFDIA 1.

Status: Minor Enemies


Pencil and Pen in Cycle of Life

Pen carrying Pencil in Cycle of Life

Main article: Pencil and Pen

Status: Friends


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In Getting Teardrop to Talk, when Pen was the only one that was not in a team, she picked him for being in Death P.A.C.T..

Status: Friends (possibly) (one-sided, on her side)


Pen and Snowball are good friends. They've agreed that GB is a bossy bot.

Status: Friends


Teardrop doesn't interact much with Pen, largely because she can't talk.

Status: Neutral


In Today's Very Special Episode, Tree scolds Pen for asking Black Hole every time to help them do a challenge. In the same episode, Tree and Pen huddled together for comfort as Four judged their makeover.

Status: Neutral