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This page show the interactions between Ice Cube and other characters in Battle for Dream Island, Battle for Dream Island Again, and IDFB.
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Main article: Book and Ice Cube

In Insectophobe's Nightmare 3, Book was next to Ice Cube both covered in bugs to join Pencil's alliance.

In Get in the Van, Book stated that Ice Cube was her friend.

In BFB, Book and Ice Cube seem to be very good friends with each other. Book usually seen caring for Ice Cube, such as celebrating upon seeing her alive again and asking her if she needs any help.

Status: Good Friends


Bracelety appears to idolize Ice Cube, as she held a sign in Gardening Hero saying "GO ICE CUBE FTW!!!" but in The Glistening, she voted her to the Tiny Loser Chamber holding a sign saying "GO ICE CUBE TO THE TLC". In Hurtful! and Insectophobe's Nightmare, she held a sign saying "Now that Icy's gone, who do I root for?", possibly meaning Bracelety regrets having voted Ice Cube into the TLC. In BFB, Bracelety seems to be obsessed with ice cube. Bracelety is so obsessed that she even names her team after Ice Cube despite, Ice Cube not even being on the team.

In BFB 4 after Bracelety's elimination Ice Cube's mouth twitches downward slightly downwards indicating slight sadness for her elimination.

Status:"Neutral"(After BFB 4)


Main article: Leafy and Ice Cube

In BFDI, Ice Cube and Leafy are shown to be good friends with each-other, particularly more on Leafy's side. She was often carried through challenges by Leafy and was chosen to be on Leafy's team twice. However, there were some occurrences where Leafy has accidentally caused Ice Cube to fail in a challenge or even shatter. In episode 25, Ice Cube is no longer friends with Leafy in realization that she isn't so nice after all.

In BFDIA, Ice Cube is seen chasing Leafy along with many others, indicating that they're enemies.

Status: Friends (BFDI) Enemies (BFDIA and onward)


In BFDI, Ice Cube wanted to join Pencil's alliance multiple times, to which Pencil always refused, much to Ice Cube's distress. Although, when Match was eliminated, Pencil finally excepted her into her alliance. However, Pencil claims that Match is way better than Ice Cube and proceeds to call her garbage compared to Match.

In BFDIA, Pencil excludes Ice Cube from her alliance for making an "ugly face". Later in Insectophobe's Nightmare 3, Ice Cube is eager to join Pencil's alliance once again, to which Pencil responds saying that she can be an alternate. In Get in the Van, Ice Cube joins FreeSmart, along with Book and the rest of Pencil's alliance.

In BFB, Ice Cube doesn't like the thought of being in Pencil's team anymore, and then proceeds to join another team, along with Book.

Status: Enemies (mostly) Friends (sometimes)


In Get in the Van, Ice Cube loses her temper at Pin and stands up for herself exclaiming how she also wants to accompany Book in Match's Dance Party.

Status: Minor Enemies


When Ice Cube asked what happened in BFDIA 6, Ruby said Puffball was eliminated at 1455 votes.

Status: Minor Friends


Snowball said that if Ice Cube was in the Tiny Loser Chamber chamber, she'd cool it down, so the remaining contestants and the Recomended Characters voted her out.

Status: Minor Enemies


In Welcome Back, Ice Cube doused Woody, who was on fire when Bomby exploded, thus sacrificing herself in order to save Woody.

Status: Possible Friends


In BFDI, Blocky has killed Ice Cube a number of times. For example, he melts Ice Cube in order to win the contest in Crybaby! This didn't end up paying off in the end. In Insectophobe's Nightmare, Blocky made a contraption to infinitely kill Ice Cube using a tree, a spring, and her recovery center. At one point in another episode, Blocky tried extinguishing a fire with Ice Cube which was caused by Pencil and Match.

Status: Enemies