This page describes the interactions between everyone and Coiny.


Main article: Firey and Coiny
138px-Coiny and Firey -Episodes 1-24-

Firey and Coiny always slap each other since the first episode, but in Return of the Hang Glider, they were friends because of them fighting for so long. They are yet to have a full on slap fight in BFDIA.

Status: Frenemies

Coiny and Firey -Episode 25-


In Zeeky Boogy Doog, Coiny told him if he didn't join his team, he would ignite him with Firey. Bomby then joined the team. Also, in that episode, Coiny used Bomby to destroy Golf Ball's Dream Island. In No More Snow!, Coiny calmed Bomby down after a bowl of petunias fell. The two also worked together to try and lift Pin out of the glue in the same episode, and in The Long-lost Yoyle City, tried to get Yellow Face unstuck. It's possible that since Bomby's absorption into W.O.A.H. Bunch, the two have become more friendly to each other.

Status: Enemies


In Get Digging, moments before Coiny forces Teardrop on his team, Book tries to stop him because he is breaking the rules.

In No More Snow! and It's a Monster, the two have friendly interactions, despite what happened in Get Digging. They and the others crank the HPHPRCC.

When the voting screen is shown in Welcome Back, Coiny is heard telling Book to put him down.

During her appearance in Inanimate Insanity, Book has different definitions of the contestants rather than the ones from BFDI. In Coiny's definition, it says that Book prefers him over Firey, which may be true.

Strangely, Book is the only female contestant outside of WOAH Bunch Coiny has directly interacted with, yet not switch to his team. 

Status: Possible minor friends


In Puzzling Mysteries, Coiny wants silence in Cake at Stake. Announcer tries to talk but Coiny cuts him off, brining back the silence. So, Announcer said "Needy" to angers Needle, having her slaps Coiny away instead of her initial target, which is the Annoincer, which dogded the slap to get rid of him.

Status: Enemies


In Sweet Tooth, as a judge, Flower called Coiny's dirt cake "delicious", and give it a 7 out of 10 for "all the beautiful things it could've been". Later, in Hurtful!, Flower remembered that Coiny made a delicious dirt cake, so she used it in the Cake Making challenge. Other than that, the two have little interactions.

Status: Friends


Main article: Needle and Coiny

Coiny is said to have a crush on her. Needle and Coiny were love interests in BFDI, but haven't interacted a lot in BFDIA.

Status: Good friends (possible love interests)


Throughout BFDIA, Coiny and Nickel tend to avoid each other because the "bad things" happen when they get too close. They have little interaction, despite being on the same team.

​Status: Possible minor friends/Neutral


Main article: Coiny and Pin

Coiny seems to have a crush on her. He and Pin are, and have always been on the same team, W.O.A.H. Bunch. They get along fairly well in general, often strategizing ways to win challenges.

Status: Friends (possible love interests)


In No More Snow, Coiny tricked and pushed him into the spikes so he and the rest of his team had something to land on.

Status: Minor Enemies


Main article: Snowball and Coiny

Coiny appears to be friends with Snowball. Although the two have conflicts sometimes, these appear to be one-sided on Snowball's side, and not through any hatred of Snowball to Coiny

Status: Nice Friends


In BFDI, they have shown little interaction. But in BFDIA, Teardrop and Coiny were against each other. In Get Digging, when TD interrupted Coiny and Pin's high five, Coiny and Pin got mad. In Zeeky Boogy Doog, when TD was eliminated, Coiny asks Teardrop if she has "Any first words", when she gets launched, Coiny said that's what he thought.

Status: Enemies

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