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This page shows the interactions between Cloudy and the other characters in BFDI.

Cloudy failed to join BFDI, BFDIA, and has yet to in IDFB, so interactions between Cloudy and other characters was limited.


Bell was being held by Cloudy when Fanny blew them away when they failed to join the game with 4 votes.

Status: Minor Friends

Bomby and Coiny

In No More Snow!, after Coiny and Bomby helping Pin to get out. Cloudy and Lightning appeared over the tree and struck the tree. Coiny and Bomby were running away and screaming.

Status: Minor Enemies


Fanny blew away Cloudy and Bell when the Announcer said that Cloudy and Bell only got 4 votes to join BFDI, thus failed to join.

Status: Enemies


Cloudy and Lightning have never showed direct interaction, but Lightning is summoned when Cloudy is angry, one instance strucking down a tree that collapsed on Pin in No More Snow!.

Status: Minor Friends


In No More Snow!, Lightning, summoned by Cloudy, struck a pine tree when Pin was stuck in the glue. Pin was presumably killed when the tree crushed her.

Status: Enemies

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