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Season 1 (BFDI)

Dead Yellow Face

Firey melts in his thawed water

Season 2 (BFDIA)

  • Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know: 0
  • Get Digging: 1 (Spongy by Evil Leafy, not counting Puffball because she's always there while there's no Recovery Center)
  • Insectophobe's Nightmare 3: 8 (Yellow Face, Teardrop, Fries, Rocky, Golf Ball, Bomby (not by bugs), Coiny, Bubble (POP!))
  • Zeeky Boogy Doog: 24 (Tennis Ball 2 times, Ruby 2 times, Firey 2 times, Nickel 2 times, Gelatin 2 times, Bubble 2 pops, Fries, Pencil, Book, Bomby, Golf Ball, Spongy, Match, Rocky, Ice Cube, Puff Ball, Yellow Face, Flower by Evil Leafy)
  • Get in the Van: 6 (Puffball's Announcer, Leafy, Donut, remains of Team No-Name)
  • BFDIA 5b: Necessary Deaths to complete last level (53): 22
  • No More Snow!: 10 (Gelatin, Firey, Bubble, Pencil, Pin, Evil Leafy, Puffball, Fries, Spongy, Needy (SLAP!) ...Needle, Ice Cube)
  • It's a Monster: ∞ (All of contestants in the FreeSmart team drowning while crossing the Goiky Canal)
  • The Long-lost Yoyle City: 9 (Pencil, Yellow Face, Rocky 3x, Team No-Name)

Season 3 (IDFB)

  • Welcome Back: 4+ (Bubble, Ice Cube, Ruby, Bomby, and perhaps Woody)

Season 4 (BFB)

Total deaths: 256+3 * ∞ deaths