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Specifically: Missing deaths and episodes.

Season 1 (BFDI)

Dead Yellow Face

Firey melts in his thawed water

  • Take the Plunge - Part 1: 2 (Bubble popping. Also, Firey died on contact with the water after Flower pushed him off.)
  • Take the Plunge - Part 2: 1 (Bubble popping)
  • Barriers and Pitfalls: 2+∞ (Bubble and Ice Cube, including the Blocky's Funny Doings International commercial.)
  • Are You Smarter Than A Snowball?: 8 (Three Bubble pops, five Ice Cube melts.)
  • Sweet Tooth: 3 (Two Bubble deaths, and one Ice Cube shatter.)
  • Bridge Crossing: (debatable) 2 (Golf Ball and Rocky sinks)
  • Power Of Three: 1 (Firey)
  • Puzzling Mysteries: 1 (during the commercial)
  • Cycle Of Life: 3+∞ (Two pops, ∞ shatters (Ice Cube dying in the outro))
  • Insectophobe's Nightmare: 0
  • Crybaby!: 1 (Ice Cube melted)
  • Lofty: 3 (Bubble popped, Bomby exploded and Icy shattered making this the first time an RC died. I didn't count any RC deaths after this)
  • A Leg Up In the Race: 3 (Bubble popped twice, and Firey got hit by a water balloon)
  • Don't Lose Your Marbles: 1 (Bubble again)
  • Half a Loaf Is Better Than None: 23 (not including RCs)
  • Vomitaco: 2 (Ice Cube, Bubble)
  • Bowling, Now With Explosions!: 1 (Icy)
  • The Reveal: 3+∞ (Bubble 1 time and Ice Cube 2 and Firey ∞)
  • Reveal Novum: 29 (All of the recommended characters expect for David)
  • Rescission: 10 (Bubble 2x, It is surprising, right?, Firey, Leafy 2x, Ice Cube 2x, Rocky, David 2x)
  • Gardening Hero: 5 (Ice cube AGAIN TOO, Leafy, Spongy, Rocky( he was recovered))
  • The Glistening: 0
  • Don't Pierce My Flesh: 17+∞ (Flower, Bomby (he's the only RC when I count), Announcer, and in the contest, several contestants)
  • Hurtful!: 20 (Flower's Announcer, Spongy, Flower 4 times, Ice Cube, Firey 5 times, Leafy 4 times, Bubble 3 times, Cheese Orb, Announcer deaths in end)
  • Insectophobe's Nightmare 2: ∞ (All of contestants expect David(Why?), the bugs being burnt, but one David clone (in fire(y)), Blocky's Funny Doings Internationals and whilst Firey, Leafy, Bubble and Announcer contrapts with their RCs)
  • Return of the Hand Glider: 5 (Flower 3x, Bubble, Woody)

Season 2 (BFDIA)

  • Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know: 0
  • Get Digging: 1 (Spongy by Evil Leafy, not counting Puffball because she's always there while there's no Recovery Center)
  • Insectophobe's Nightmare 3: 8 (Yellow Face, Teardrop, Fries, Rocky, Golf Ball, Bomby (not by bugs), Coiny, Bubble (POP!))
  • Zeeky Boogy Doog: 24 (Tennis Ball 2 times, Ruby 2 times, Firey 2 times, Nickel 2 times, Gelatin 2 times, Bubble 2 pops, Fries, Pencil, Book, Bomby, Golf Ball, Spongy, Match, Rocky, Ice Cube, Puff Ball, Yellow Face, Flower by Evil Leafy)
  • Get in the Van: 6 (Puffball's Announcer, Leafy, Donut, remains of Team No-Name)
  • BFDIA 5b: Necessary Deaths to complete last level (53): 22
  • No More Snow!: 10 (Gelatin, Firey, Bubble, Pencil, Pin, Evil Leafy, Puffball, Fries, Spongy, Needy (SLAP!) ...Needle, Ice Cube)
  • It's a Monster: ∞ (All of contestants in the FreeSmart team drowning while crossing the Goiky Canal)
  • The Long-lost Yoyle City: 9 (Pencil, Yellow Face, Rocky 3x, Team No-Name)

Season 3 (IDFB)

  • Welcome Back: 4+ (Bubble, Ice Cube, Ruby, Bomby, perhaps Woody)

Season 4 (BFB)

  • Getting Teardrop to Talk: 15 (Bubble 2 times, Foldy, Ice Cube, Book, Lollipop, Teardrop, Gaty, Taco, Tennis Ball, Golf Ball, Pie, Balloony, Pin and Pillow)
  • Lick Your Way to Freedom: 2 (Lollipop and Balloony)
  • Why Would You Do This on a Swingset: 2 (Pie and Pen)
  • Today's Very Special Episode: 0
  • Fortunate Ben: 3 (Bubble, Lightning and Black Hole)
  • Four Goes Too Far: 2? (Four and X being multiplied by Donut)

Total deaths: 254+3 * ∞ deaths