Battle for Dream Island

Take the Plunge: Part 2

[Woody, Match, Firey, Tennis Ball, Golf Ball, Rocky, Needle, Snowball floating on Spongy as a boat]


Uh, we should get back now.

Barriers and Pitfalls

[Pen, Woody, Eraser, Golf Ball, Leafy, Coiny, Rocky, Match, Spongy, Tennis Ball, Blocky, Pencil, Pin, Snowball, and Bubble all waiting in the FWR (Failer's Waiting Room)]

Golf Ball

So, um, are they gonna pick us up or what?

Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?

[Tennis Ball, Eraser, and Coiny are piled up on Woody in a gaping hole]

Tennis Ball

Um, guys, I have to go to the bathroom!

Sweet Tooth



Breaking News: Scientists have recently classified Earth as a triple-planet system, consisting of Earth, the moon, and something called Needle's Cake. That is a supposedly a rapidly growing cake that has separated from Earth. Scientists predict that Needle's cake will start nuclear fusion and become a star in 3 weeks.
[cut to Earth/Goiky]


Yeah, I guess it's pretty big, Needy.



Bridge Crossing

[Match, Pencil, Bubble, Ice Cube, Leafy, Tennis Ball, Pen, Needle, Rocky, and Golf Ball are at the bottom of a pit, containing a river]


Hey, where's Golf Ball? I thought she fell too!


Oh, Match, golf balls sink.

Tennis Ball

So do rocks.

Power of Three

[Pen, Leafy, and Eraser blowing mid-air in a strong wind]


Wait! We're still flying with the air? Wow! The spring is strong.


Are we going up or down now?

Puzzling Mysteries

[Squishy Cherries still stuck in the room with the puzzles]


Hey, guys! I found two pieces stuck together!




It's about time!

Cycle of Life

[Ice Cube being smashed off the edge of a cliff about at least 200 times]

Insectophobe's Nightmare

[Snowball still tied up with Ice Cube, Blocky, Leafy, and Teardrop]


*grunting* So tired…
[they fall in a bottomless pit]


Well, if we fall from a bottomless pit, we die of starvation.


[Golf Ball sitting on a brim, the edge of the tub]

Golf Ball

Would you look at that? My very first drop! I'll remember this for the rest of my life!


[Leafy and Blocky still tied on balloons]


Um, maybe we should go down now?



A Leg Up in the Race

[Tennis Ball and Firey sitting on grass]

Tennis Ball




Tennis Ball

I suggest you don't go around setting people you don't know on fire.
[cut to the recommended characters, who are on fire]


Paper, Sheet of Paper, Lightbulb, Triangle, Basketball, Marshmallow, Dollar, Gumball, Quarter, Domino, Candle, Seashell, Football, Marker, and Marker

Don't Lose Your Marbles

[Rocky is barfing lots of red balls which fall to the ground, causing Rocky to float]


Bulleh! Bulleh! Bulleh! Bulleh! Bulleh! Bulleh! Bulleh! Bulleh! Bulleh! Bulleh!

Half a Loaf is Better Than None

[Coiny, Needle, Pin, Woody and Golf Ball talking in a basket of loaves of bread]


Pin, how do we get out of here?


I don't know!


Do you know how to get out, Needy?


*slaps* Don't call me Needy! But no!

Golf Ball

I disagree! [muffled speech]




[in muffled voice] Shut it, Woody!


[Inside the TLC]


So, I guess they aren't sending us any more tacos?!

Bowling, Now with Explosions!

[All of the recommended characters suddenly catch fire]
[Black Screen with Text]


[Commercial Starts]

Yellow Face

Blobolob, oblobolooblob! Isn't that a wonderful noise? Well, now you can listen to that noise 24/7 thanks to our revolutionary headphones! Listen to it while you walk. Listen to it while you sleep. These headphones only play the noise, well, why would you want to listen to anything else? They also have a volume up button, but no volume down button. And best of all, our super glue makes them un-removable. So, yeah, buy now!
[Commercial Ends]
[Black Screen]


Next time, on BFDI.
[A Preview of a scene]


You will be throwing frisbees.


Ooh, yay!
[Firey throws a circular blade at Pencil]
[Scene cuts before Pencil gets hit. Next scene]


And one recommended character will join the game.
[Pencil, Blocky, Tennis Ball and Leafy gasp]
[Sign: Don't Miss it]
[Sign: May 1. 2011 (mistake is 2010)]

The Reveal

[The sun rises and the TLC gets lifted by the sun and the eliminated contestants scream]

Reveal Novum

[The sun, with the TLC on top, squishes the LOL as it sets]


[Announcer starts floating, with UFO adopting-like sounds as ambient and then suddenly falls, slamming into the ground]

Gardening Hero

[Leafy and Announcer are in space]

Leafy: I was wondering, how are we in space, yet able to talk, paddle, breathe and not explode?

Announcer: Budget cuts.

The Glistening

[A spaceship sign that runs on] [Sign "Big, yellow squishy contestants" turn into "Voters"]

Don't Pierce My Flesh

[Spongy, Firey, Flower and Leafy turn into Metal after eating Yoylecake]

[Bubble looks around and turns metal herself]


[Leafy and Firey are sitting on the ground at night]

​Firey: Hey wait! So if there is an Announcer Recovery Center now, we can kill the Announcer as much as we want, he'll still come come back to give us Dream Island!

Leafy: Oh yeah! [thinks for a moment]

[Leafy, Firey, Flower, and Bubble kill Announcer repeatedly]

Insectophobe's Nightmare 2

Announcer: I forgot to give you rewards.

Leafy: Huh?

Announcer: Rewards for getting into the Final 3.

Firey: Another reward? I love rewards!

Bubble: So what are the rewards?

Announcer: Anything you ask for.

Leafy: Anything...

Announcer: Absolutely everything.

Leafy: Well, i wish for world peace!

Announcer: Which granted.

Leafy: But you didn't do anything!

Announcer: I think the world is peaceful enough. Moving on, Bubble.

Bubble: I want some yoylecake!

Announcer: Sorry, Bubble, But that doesn't fit our budget. Wish denied, onto Firey.

Firey: I want my life's earnings back!

Announcer: Sorry, I already spent it.

Firey: On what?

Announcer: Your new recovery centers.

Firey: Wow, thanks! Wait, you didn't buy these because you care about us, did you?

Announcer: Nope.

Leafy: *gasps* Then why you do it!

Announcer: So i can do this, [pops Bubble] and this, [burns Leafy with Firey] and this. [kills Firey with a bucket of water] [An Announcer Crusher appears, crushing the Announcer] What's this? [Announcer gets crushed]

[Announcer, Firey, Leafy, and Bubble play with their new recovery centers and kill themselves with the massive machine]

Return of the Hang Glider

Pencil: Hey Match! Wouldn't it be weird if the very first and very last words spoken in BFDI were the same?

Match: Yeah!

Battle for Dream Island Again

Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know

Boombox: Has this ever happened to you? You want to find out where Leafy is, but you don't know where Leafy is. Well, I do have the solution for you! Buy our new Leafy Detector as soon as you possibly can! Why would you ever want to do that, you ask? Here's why: Our lovely, little lettuce-colored locator is a leve-- uh, "levelutionary" new type of Leafy locator. Buy now!

[Leafy turns Boombox off]

Get Digging

[Rocky, Bomby, Dora, Nickel, and Yellow Face are still digging]

Fries: You guys can stop.

Insectophobe's Nightmare 3

[Spongy vomits Evil Leafy and then Evil Leafy teleports]

[Gelatin comes by]

Gelatin: Whoa there, buddy, let's calm you down.

[Gelatin freezes Evil Leafy]

Gelatin: Now that you're frozen, I can write a message on your back.

[Gelatin writes "First!" on Evil Leafy's back]

Gelatin: Ah, it's beautiful!

Zeeky Boogy Doog

Flower: Hey, Gelatin! [throws a poison bug at Gelatin] How does that feel?

Gelatin: It feels fine. Cause i'm immune to bug poison, duh. The HPRC must've produced you without a brain.

[Gelatin freezes Flower]

[Evil Leafy captures frozen Flower]

[Yellow Face pops up]

Yellow Face: Hello!

The Long-lost Yoyle City

[FreeSmart and W.O.A.H Bunch are still on the summit of Yoyle Mountain]

Ruby: Uh, how are we gonna get down from here?

[They fall and scream]


Welcome Back

Coiny: Hey Fries, I bought some boiling frying oil, so we can finally do some deep fried breaths!

Fries: Please tell me you're not actually doing this.

Coiny: Okay, so we breathe, and then we deep fry it. Ready?

Fries: I'm not participating.

Leafy, made of Yoyle Metal, peeks out from behind a Yoyleberry bush, holding a knife. She's about to throw the knife at Fries and Coiny, but is too horrified by the sight of Coiny making deep fried breaths, and returns to hiding.

Coiny: inhale One, sound of deep fried breaths

Fries: C-coiny, just stop!

Coiny: two, sound of deep fried breaths

Fries: Coiny! Coiny! Stop!

Coiny: three, sound of deep fried breaths

Fries: You're insane! Just stop!

The endcard reads "See you in IDFB 2! =)"

Battle for BFDI

Getting Teardrop to Talk

X puts four of his baskets on, which seem to have shrunk to fit him.
X gets hurled round and round by the baskets.


Aaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaah! AAAAAHHH!

Lick Your Way to Freedom


Ugh. You can stop licking, David. We already lost.
Nickel and David walk away. It is then revealed that Taco is stuck inside the jawbreaker they were just licking.


Uh, hello? Can anyone hear me?
During a timelapse, Taco is stuck in the jawbreaker for the next few days. She eats the fish inside of her shell, and the episode ends.

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