Pencil 14

Pencil, who never received a vote before, had her first vote for her cast by Englishcreamcakes.

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"I vote Pencil shee never got a vote." - Englishcreamcakes

Englishcreamcakes is an iconic viewer and fan of BFDI and BFDIA, best known as the first viewer who voted for Pencil in Episode 17, also voted for Snowball to rejoin in The Glistening (but he recieved least votes). He is also a well-known recommender in BFDI.

In his Youtube channel, englishcreamcakes has made a series called Fight For Feline Funds. Now, his new series is Furious Fruit Feud.

Characters recommended by Englishcreamcakes


  • Englishcreamcakes is the first voter to get mentioned three times.
    • Once when voting for Pencil to be eliminated.
    • Once to have Snowball rejoin the game.
    • Once at the end of "Return of the Hang Glider" when all voters were mentioned.